Barenaked Ladies are me!

[ed. note – lateness of the post is due to friggin’ ezarchive.]

Some of you dour indie folks may say there’s no room for humorous music anymore, and that BNL are all played out, but Bon Ton is a staunch fan of Barenaked Ladies. And they have a new album out! It’s called, “Barenaked Ladies Are Me.” Which is technically true (at least in the shower).

They’re on tour as well (including Wash DC, Salt Lake City, and LA, so stops for everyone). Come on, don’t be a hater like the guy in this video for “Lovers In A Dangerous Time,” who dials up a TV show so he can call the guys “repulsive.” I mean sure, if he’d directed it towards Ed’s hair, I would have concurred. But BNL are so sweet and innocuous, you’d have to have a nonexistent sense of humor to actively hate them.

I haven’t heard all of the new album, but the tunes I purchased from Emusic are classic BNL. You’ve just got to love a song like “Bank Job,” where a bank robber berates his partner for having a crisis of conscience — I appreciate music that, hours later, can make me grin just thinking about it. (“What are you smiling about?” asks my husband. “Oh,” I say, “just a song about a botched robbery in a bank full of nuns.”)

Barenaked Ladies – Site | Myspace

[These tracks have been removed. You can contact me if you’d like a copy.]

Barenaked Ladies – Bank Job
Barenaked Ladies – Adrift
Barenaked Ladies – Lovers In A Dangerous Time



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    I saw the Barenaked Ladies at Bender Arena on the campus of American University in Va in 99 and they were really great. I don’t love the genre, but there is no denying that they are fantastic performers and really good musicians. They put on an excellent show. I recommend it.

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    Oh, why don’t you just rub it in, you punk. They are coming here in November, so maybe I’ll snag a ticket.

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