World Music Saturday

Well, thanks to the fabulous Afropop, I blew all my emusic downloads on world music. So it’s not really relevant to the Indieness Of It All, but it really rocks. Plus, I know I have at least one reader that will spend 3 days downloading a song or two ::waves in the direction of Azerbijan::

[These tracks have been removed. You can contact me if you’d like a copy.]

Miriam Makeba – Pata Pata
Sara Tavares – Novidadi
Africando – Reference
Herbie Hancock feat. Santana & Angelique Kidjo – Safiatou
Dan Zanes & Friends (feat. Angelique Kidjo) – Jamaica Farewell

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  1. Leaving_Liverpool’s avatar

    Pata Pata is a really great song. I grew up listening to that song. African music is so much fun to listen to.

    I also wanted to update you on what I am doing here. I was going to work at USAID, but now I am working at the the Refugee Center for Women and Youth. USAID was going to have me working on their website, and this is so much more fun. I’m with female refugees from Iraq, Iran, Chechnya, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Some are fleeing war (Chechens and Afghans) and others are fleeing religious persecution (for example, a Pakistani women fled her home after her family tried to kill her for getting pregnant out of wedlock). The center is very important because Azerbaijan tolerates but does little to support them. At the center, they recieve job training and legal support as well and language training in Azeri, Russian and English. The center is also a gathering place for the various communities of women where they can socialize in comfortable surroundings. It is really enjoyable and the women are really nice and fun to work with. We have a lot of fun. They range from extremely strict (won’t shake hands) to mini skirted in terms of how strong Muslims they are. I will email you some pics.

  2. zara’s avatar

    I played “Pata Pata” for G. and he cracked up laughing. I guess your dad used to play it a long time ago.

    That sounds like great work! I’m proud of you, doing such good things for humanity. I’m sure those women really appreciate you and all the help they get with Russian and English.

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