Bands I Don’t Like

As a nod to Marathonpacks — I only meet half your criteria, so I can do this, right? — it’s time once again to present Bands I Don’t Like, But You Might, If You Just Buckled Down and Sucked Some Bandwidth, Come On Folks, What’s Your Problem.

This is more like a list of folks I don’t plan on listening to, but who are currently wildly popular. With the glut of indie music available, it is only the goal of the most obsessed to listen to everything. I don’t listen to everything, and in fact I have a rather narrow range of what I do listen to in the “indie” genre. I have other musical interests as well, but those things get saved for days when I don’t feel indie.

And, yes, I agree with Marathonpacks’s overall point — blogging is a selfish enterprise. Why should I cater to anyone but myself when I’m doing this for free and for fun? (Peter Griffin: “Touché, Costmart.”) So, after all that, I now present the second installment of Bands I Don’t Like. But you might like them. Don’t take my word for it! And maybe I’ll feature one of them in a year or so with apologies (but probably not).

1. Ben Kweller

Ben’s part of a sad subset in my mind: “People whose last names start with two weird vowels.” You know who else is in that subset? Jason Mraz. Yep, it’s apparently a letterist conspiracy. You want to know who Ben Kweller is? Go find out your own damn self.

2. Joanna Newsom

She wears flowy dresses and she plays the harp, and her first album was called something about milkmaids — that’s a leetle too ren faire for me [ed note — my bad, it’s “The Milk-Eyed Mender.” Almost a milkmaid, but not quite.]. And her songs are like, nine minutes long apiece. I’m sorry, I don’t do nine minute songs. I haven’t even listened to The Tain, because I can’t face the length of it. If it’s not “Thick As A Brick” or “Kashmir,” and honestly I can’t see either of those done on a harp, I’m not gonna listen to it. You can check out one of Ms. Newsom’s freaky videos here.

3. Cat Power

I think Cat Power is a guy thing, because Chan Marshall’s hot and has a sexy voice, and she could have probably drunk you under the table in her drinking days. Ah! I know! She’s Ryan Adams for guys. Well at any rate, not really my thing, since, you know, I’ve got Ryan. There are some Cat Power videos and mp3s at Matador Records

4. French Kicks

Outside of the nifty name, there’s nothing remotely interesting about this band at all. Where did Vagrant Records go wrong? It’s all so sordid. You can hear some music (if I dare call it that) at Vagrant records (click on “click to launch ecard”).

5. TV On the Radio

Yeah … a bunch of obscure images and some weird zippy music behind it … that’s the kind of indie I hate most. If I want lyrics I can’t understand, I’ll listen to Afropop, thank you very kindly. So here is their Myspace. “Wolf Like Me” has some nice driving drums, I’ll give them that, but then the guy starts singing, and ugh.

(As usual, I request that you not email me with nasty comments if these are your favorite bands. We can agree to disagree, n’est pas?)


  1. juliette’s avatar

    dewd i really like tv on the radio’s young liars ep. hm. thought you might like. oh well. :o(

  2. zara’s avatar

    Nah, I don’t know … something about the guy’s voice and the way the music is put together … it just grates on me. I bow before your indieness, tho. :D

  3. juliette’s avatar

    and i, in turn, bow to your indieness, which at times is far indier than my indieability.

  4. zara’s avatar

    We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy! Hey, Mister Donut Man, who’s trying to kill you? I don’t know, but he better not!

  5. optimuscrime’s avatar

    i dare you not to like tv on the radio’s cover of the pixies’ ‘mr grieves’. double-dog dare you, even.

  6. zara’s avatar

    I have not heard it; but if you provide a place where such a thing can occur, I’ll take your dare. :D

  7. Icka’s avatar

    Bwen Keller. Good, overrated, not anything especially original, what the crap is up with the wolves on the front of the album? It looks like a souvenier t-shirt from a second rate natural history museum. I hope he was trying to be ironic. CatPower. I am guy. I like. I like much. But I like Ryan Adams too. To avoid the risk of ridicule, I will abstain from making a comment about being musically bisexual. TV on the Radio. The music hits my ear and kind of hurts it. A bit like when you stick a q tip a little too far in. It is not my thing. However, they have a pretty funny video with a little kid firing everyone.

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