Roman Candle

I have meant to write about Roman Candle for two months, ever since I acquired a copy of “The Wee Hours Revue,” but with one thing or another … well, anyway. This is the Roman Candle which hails from Chapel Hill, and not the Roman Candles which are apparently out of Alaska. Funny how those Chapel Hill band names are so popular (we had this problem with the Annuals too. Very confusing).

It’s a pretty well-thought-of disc. Pitchfork liked it; Paste magazine liked it; Rolling Stone calls them up-and-comers. And there are a lot of good, solid things about it. The adjective to throw around seems to be “well-crafted” or “polished.” On the one hand, there’s nothing to hate about it. And on the other … it’s beautiful. It’s truly well-put-together. It has all the right components, and yet, it makes no impression at all.

So here’s an experiment: if I like something at first listen, and I write a big gooey blog entry, how will I feel about it in two months? The first time I heard “The Wee Hours Revue,” I said, these boys have something — I really like it. But two months later, I’m kind of just listening to it with one ear while I wonder whether the bathroom sink needs a scrub. It doesn’t hold me.

So here we meet the crisis of the Indie Blogger. If you don’t get your writing out on time (or, preferably, months before a disc’s release), you’re not cutting edge and therefore, your indieness decreases markedly. Perhaps people stop reading. (Of course, this presupposes two things: one, you have readers at all, and two, you have some kind of indieness.)

However, what kind of recommender are you if you tell people to listen to something they may hate in two months? Do you really want that kind of responsibility? And aren’t you just arrogant if you want to only recommend things that people will like in a year, two years, ten years? Is indie music like Carrie Bradshaw’s shoes? Do you always want to be seen in this year’s shoes (or next year’s), but never in last year’s? Is your musical taste transitory, and if it is, do you still love music, or do you just love talking about it? Is this too much for a Saturday morning?

Perhaps that can be my new blog gimmick; writing way, way after the fact. I’ll get back to you in another two months. Meanwhile: Roman Candle. Like Lenny says, “Meh, he’s all right, but he’s no bowl of Special K!” Ezarchive is having a freakout, so I’m not going to feature any tracks. I recommend that you visit the myspace and have a listen for yourself.

Roman Candle: Site | Myspace | Label (v2)



  1. Leaving_Liverpool’s avatar

    i know this is not indie appropriate, but for some reason i don’t have your email. feel free to remove this post. that’s the link to the boxing gloves.

  2. zara’s avatar

    $85 !!!!?????

    You people.

  3. Leaving_Liverpool’s avatar

    $85 dollars,yes, but they will serve him well in his killin’ mission.

  4. Leaving_Liverpool’s avatar

    Little J bought the CD and he likes it a lot. He has it playing pretty much every morning on the way to school. I just started listening to it today and it doesn’t strike me. Roman Candle = not my thing.

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