Gosh, I didn’t think enough people visited this place to max out a yousendit d/l, but I was wrong, so here, by popular demand, is the Decemberists – The Culling of the Fold [eta: as of 4.17.07, you need to contact me if you want a copy].

Sparklehorse is already an acclaimed band, and so I don’t have to talk them up, which is kind of nice. “They” are Mark Linkous and any collaborator that happens by, which is very cool, because Linkous knows some great people and one time he collaborated with Thom Yorke to produce my favorite cover ever, the transcendent rendition of Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here.”

The new album is called “Dreamt For Lightyears In the Belly Of A Mountain,” and it retains much of the lo-fiety that Linkous is famous for. The lyrics are truly “words after the smoke,” as Linkous sounds like he’s singing through a fire-mask while your house burns down.

For me, the standout track is “Mountains,” which has a beautiful guitar to back up Linkous’s sweet lyrics (at least, my impression is that they’re sweet) as well as some electronic beepy stuff added in at the end. It’s not a super-original sound, anymore, unless you consider that Linkous was making it before the new kids. “Dreamt For Light Years…” makes for great listening, even though I’m doing a bad job at describing it. Very very bad job. Just listen.

Sparklehorse – Site | Myspace | Label (Capitol)

[These tracks have been removed. You can contact me if you’d like a copy.]

Sparklehorse – Mountains

Sparklehorse – Ghost In the Sky

Sparklehorse – Don’t Take My Sunshine Away



  1. Chad’s avatar

    hey, i posted on them today too! great minds, eh?

    i REALLY like this record.

  2. zara’s avatar

    Why, what good taste we have! :D

    I believe as a girl I’m contractually obligated to like bands with the word “sparkle” in them, but Linkous makes it real easy.

  3. Trevor’s avatar

    I LOVE YOU!!!
    I am ecstatic over the Decemberists and i love this record… now it is complete tx bro!

  4. zara’s avatar

    You’re very welcome. Though to be perfectly truthful, I would be your sis and not your bro.

  5. Jessica’s avatar

    THANK YOU for posting this. I saw the D’s in Montreal last night and it was beyond amazing. They played “The Culling of the Fold” during the encore — never heard it before but I loved it. Also, during the “cut him up, girl” chorus, Colin Meloy lay on the stage and played with my roommate’s hair. Hilarious.

  6. zara’s avatar

    Wow … I do believe you have the luckiest roommate in the whole world. You’re very welcome.

  7. Hannah’s avatar

    The Decemberists played Culling of the Fold at their show in Austin on October 23rd, and I was very sad that it didn’t end up on Crane Wife.

  8. zara’s avatar

    Yeah, it’s a great murder ballad, even creepier than “Shankill Butchers” in my opinion (though I have no idea what it’s really about).

  9. kelly’s avatar

    Uhm.. I can’t get the Decemberists track to download… =( Little help?

  10. zara’s avatar

    I have re-re-reuploaded it to Sendspace for now, and the link is:

  11. mary’s avatar

    Umm…. it’s not working =(

    This is one of my favourite songs they did live (call me twisted?)

    can you fix this please?

  12. miranda’s avatar

    canni getta copy of the culling of the fold, puh-lease?

  13. Sara’s avatar

    If I could get a copy of culling of the fold, that would be awesome, thanks =)

  14. Piney’s avatar

    I’d love a copy of Sparklehorse – Don’t Take My Sunshine Away ….Please? My first time here and I love your blog. I’ll be back tomorrow to read more. Thanks

  15. A Girl Gone Mad’s avatar

    I’d love a copy of Culling, if it’s possible?

  16. Aaron’s avatar

    I’d love a copy of Culling. Perhaps I can offer you a song in return?

  17. Ben’s avatar

    I know this is late, but is there a chance I could get a copy of Culling of the Fold? Thanks in advance!

  18. Robbie’s avatar

    Hey, wondering if I could get Culling of the Fold… After the Bombs is great, and I just need to hear more. Thanks.

  19. scullypdx’s avatar

    Sorry, yet another belated Decemberists fan looking for Culling of the Fold — you’d be my hero if you’d help me find it!

  20. dr’s avatar

    culling still available?

  21. meredith’s avatar

    can you help me get culling of the fold and the other songs cut songs? I’d love you forever.

  22. JIves’s avatar

    hey, sorry but any chance i could get culling aswell?

  23. Mathew’s avatar

    How can I get a copy of culling please?

  24. esg’s avatar

    can I get a copy of culling please?

  25. christopher’s avatar

    can I get Sparklehorse Ghost In the Sky please

  26. SL’s avatar

    I’m going to be unoriginal and ask if I can get a copy of Culling of the Fold as well . . .

  27. JDO’s avatar

    This is getting repetitive, but I have also been searching high and lowing for the Decemberists culling, and would love a copy…Thanks!

  28. Stephanie’s avatar

    Can you please send me a copy of ‘culling the fold’?

  29. Nick Don’s avatar

    I would also like a copy of Culling the Fold. It’s incredibly frustrating when bands release multiple bonus tracks that require purchasing the album from multiple distributors to acquire.

    Especially such an excellent band as The Decemberists.



  30. Ben’s avatar

    I would appreciate a copy of “The Culling of the Fold.”
    Thank you very much,

  31. Don’s avatar

    i have been trying to find “the culling of the fold” everywhere. i would much appreciate it if you could send me a copy

  32. Philippa’s avatar

    Hi! Could you please send me “The Culling of the Fold?” I would really appreciate it :-)

  33. Lina’s avatar

    My copy of “The Crane Wife” doesn’t have tracks 11 & 12–one of which is culling of the field–do you still have this song? (any idea why they aren’t on all the albums (including the one featured at the Decemberist’s own website)?

  34. Tom’s avatar

    can I get a copy of “the culling of the fold?” pleeeease! Thanks!

  35. encima’s avatar

    could i have the culling of the fold too please?

  36. Kellie’s avatar

    I’d love to add “The Culling of the Fold” to my music collection… Could you send me a copy as well? Thanks so much!!

  37. writerscramp’s avatar

    Hey, I don’t suppose you’re still responding to requests for “The Culling of the Fold”? If so, I’d really appreciate a copy…just saw them last night (playing with Death Cab) and they played it, and it reminded me that I still don’t have it.

  38. nadia’s avatar

    so i’d super duper love and appreciate it if you could send me the decemberists’ “culling of the fold” mp3. i saw them perform it live in boston recently and it was amazing. thank you so so so much!

  39. Brett Mason’s avatar

    I would really like a copy of that track, if you wouldn’t mind…

  40. Cameron’s avatar

    Could you be bothered to send a copy of Culling of the Fold in this direction too? Thanks a lot!

  41. J’s avatar

    I’d like a copy of Culling.

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