Weekly Roundup

Celebrity Quote of the Week: “Johnny [Depp] is all I dreamed of. No one could love the way we love. He’s a beautiful person so obviously he’s a beautiful dad.”
–Vanessa Paradis (source) Yeah, I totally know what you mean. He’s all I dream of, too. (Groans from the audience.)

In tech news, a wowie zowie article from CNN confirms that Google is buying Youtube for 1.65 BILLION. This calls for some badly-synched-together graphic:

At Ew.com, Movies Everyone Liked But You. If I made such a list, it would be every single movie with an ex-SNL alumnus in it (with possible exception for “Blues Brothers,” “Wayne’s World,” and “the Wedding Singer”). I guess my love of broad physical comedy was stunted in the womb.

Puddlegum informs us that there will be a new Innocence Mission album in 2007!! *air guitar*

At Pajiba, one of the best movie reviews I have ever read, in which Dustin Rowles doesn’t just tear “Employee of the Month” to pieces — he eviscerates it, leaving it staring in surprise (“wha??”) as its guts slide in a steaming heap to the theater floor. I salute you, Mr. Rowles! That there was some sweet writin’.

Via Best Week Ever, an interview with Don LaFontaine, the man who singlehandedly reinvented the movie trailer. I actually just read an account of his life in Chris Ballard’s book “The Butterfly Hunter,” and it’s really fascinating. He invented all of the trailer cliches, like my favorite, “In a world where ….”

In a world where careless sarcasm can be boiled down and made into teeny little blurbs, eagle-eyed Chad from Everybody Cares noticed that Bon Ton was mentioned in Rolling Stone‘s article “First Hype, Then Kill” (which you can see in its purple-striped glory courtesy of Scott Stereogum). It is true; though the phrase they used was actually in critique of the indie scene, I did say that “I’d barely classify [Clap Your Hands Say Yeah’s] sound as ‘music’ in the first place.” I stand by that remark.

Good Weather For Airstrikes has the Decemberists B-side “After the Bombs.”

A video for Emily Haines’s “Doctor Blind” (see, what would we dowithout Youtube? Was there life before Youtube?)

Via Skatterbrain, Music for One Apartment and Six Drummers. Watch it! It’s percussion with household appliances!

Annnnd…. video for Madonna’s latest enterprise, entitled “Jump.” At least, it’s new to me, since I don’t watch that “music television” anymore. It’s my considered opinion (take note, Rolling Stone!) that the more Madonna tries to look younger, the older and more desperate she really looks.



  1. Chad’s avatar

    New Innocence Mission – hooray!

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    More Karen Peris for everyone. I’m excited.

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