Weekly Roundup

Non-celebrity quote of the week: “[Legal settlements] put some money back into the war chest to try to clean up the online world. . . . Legal offerings will only thrive and open in different countries if there is a chance of them succeeding.” — John Kennedy, CE of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry. [source]

That’s not the Federation of the Pornographic industry, people. This is a guy talking about the 18,000 suits filed in Brazil, Mexico, Poland, and 14 other countries, against people who are sharing mp3 files (one assumes that the IFPI is the RIAA’s fellow lawsuit machine). And even though he’s using the same rhetoric as the War On Drugs, he’s actually talking about bytes of data being transferred from one computer to another! Yes! This is your brain on mp3s! Any questions? Listen to Nancy Reagan, kids, and just say no to music.

In other lawsuit news, via Idolator we learn of suits filed against video-sharing sites Bolt and Grouper. Just when videos were getting fun again. And is it a coincidence that Universal Music Group is Ryan Adams’s label? No, it is not. They’re trying to ruin everything.

Yesterday as I was getting my latest fix of girl detectives and feisty Yale news reporters, I noticed it was a banner day for the CW channel’s Indie Cred. On Gilmore Girls, Rory’s boyfriend’s stereo was playing “The Perfect Crime 2” (Rory is totally a Decemberists fan) and on Veronica Mars, Logan and Veronica shared a tender moment to the strains of Regina Spektor’s “Fidelity.” It would bring a tear to my eye, if I weren’t so far out of the demographic.

At Popcandy, Whitney Matheson wanted to know, what would you buy with $1.65 billion? My favorite answer: 600 million pounds of Velveeta.

Also via Popcandy, I found the Population Clock, which tells you how many people are being born that will one day run over your lawn with their bikes and throw eggs at your house on major holidays.

I forget where I found this, but it’s funny: you can pimp your own Stewie .

Also, M&Ms now have flavors. I don’t know if that’s disgusting or delicious. Someone send me some, so I can try ’em.

Sort of amusing: Rolling Stone’s Halloween Gallery. Someone tell that Evanescence chick that shopping at Hot Topic isn’t cool anymore.

According to the UK’s Daily Mail, little African babies are the new tiny dogs. Only you can’t put them in your purse. I’m serious! You can’t.

The new Contrast Podcast looks over bloggers’ favorite songs of 2006.

New video for Beck’s Cell Phone’s Dead. Will the funk never cease?



  1. juliette’s avatar

    hmm. flavored m&m’s. hmmmmmm. intriguing. i shall look into this and report back asap.

  2. zara’s avatar

    I can’t decide between maybe, black cherry? Or cookie/mint? Mmmmmmmm cookie minnnntttttt



  3. juliette’s avatar

    indeed. if only i had a sugar daddy, this is where he’d come in handy for certain.

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