Karsh Kale

When you listen to Karsh Kale, I dare you not to dance. You can do a little wiggling around in your chair at work; you can nod your head slightly on the Metro; or you can full-out go crazy in your kitchen. But you won’t be able to sit still. The soul of Kale’s music is in the beat, and the body is the fusion of Indian, American, and English music into something truly accessible.

Songs on his new release “Broken English” range from the slow melancholy of “Beautiful” to the rocketing dance beat of “Hole In the Sky” or “Rise Up.” It’s not club music, as in you just want to hear it in the club because it’s boring elsewhere; and it’s not just Bollywood pop — it’s smart and tasty. The ability to fuse musical cultures isn’t just something you do by magic, and Kale’s artistry is apparent in every track. He even has a section on his site that explains how each song was written and what his motivations were (like nifty CD liner notes, only I didn’t have to pay $18.99 for them, which is excellent). And even cooler, on the site you can stream every single song from Broken English, as well as some remixes and b-sides. Go have a listen — and I dare you not to dance out and buy “Broken English.”

Karsh Kale – Site | Myspace | Label (Six Degrees)

[These tracks have been removed. You can contact me if you’d like a copy.]

Karsh Kale – Hole in the sky
Karsh Kale – New Born Star



  1. Leaving Liverpool’s avatar

    Hanging out in Salzburg. I’ll have a bratwurst for you. So close to Bavaria I can almost jump over the border.

  2. zara’s avatar

    I hate you! Have a giant pretzel for me — I hate bratwurst.

  3. James.’s avatar

    Karsh Kale, huh… I had no idea you like him. I will then recommend Manitoba/Caribou, and the very obvious Talvin Singh, and State of Bengal… maybe after dinner I might recommend some more.

    P.S. How can someone hate bratwurst, in October!

  4. juliette’s avatar

    oooo have some brats for me, then. *cry* how i miss it all.

  5. juliette’s avatar

    Hey this Karsh Kale is some serious electronica. Sweet! Can always count on you for music that neither sucks nor blows.

  6. zara’s avatar

    James — Well … long story short, I ate too much weisswurst one day, and I got kind of sick. And Oktoberfest is actually in September, so I’m not being too disloyal :D

    I don’t know how anyone could resist Karsh … seriously. Does AJ like it? It seems like her type of music, since she is a Bollywood gal.

  7. zara’s avatar

    Juliette — Isn’t it awesome? My socks were rocked.

  8. James’s avatar

    I don’t think I’ve played any Karsh Kale for AJ… she has heard some State of Bengal and my requisite remixes of assorted Talvin Singh stuff… she probably knows “Traveller” best. Mayhaps I will play her some Karsh Kale. Your Oktoberfest is in September, what a strange and wonderful land.

  9. zara’s avatar

    Well, I should say it starts in September. It was started to commemorate the marriage of Prince Ludwig and Princess Teresa in the early 1800s sometime. Ooh, I want to go back and have some Oktoberfest chicken … best chicken ever.

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