Old Town School Of Folk Music Songbook (Vol. 1)

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And so, onwards … for now we’ll go the honest route, since there’s still yummy music to be had. Once in awhile I get an interesting email from Bloodshot Records, my favorite purveyor of grimy alt-country-rock. The Detroit Cobras, the Old 97s, Scott Biram, the Deadstring Brothers, Neko Case … the list goes on. Bloodshot is like donuts, according to Homer — is there anything they can’t do?

The Old Town School Of Folk Music Songbook (hurts my fingers typing all that) is a replay of those old traditional folk & gospel songs. They survive on their own merits, of course — “Amazing Grace,” “Down In the Valley,” “Wabash Cannonball,” and such are all in the Americana canon — but they’re redone beautifully. If you like the old-timey stuff, you’re good to go with this compilation. And if you’re in Chicago, you could even sign yourself up for classes at the Old Town School Of Folk Music — how cool is that?

Old Town School Of Folk Music Songbook (Vol 1) – Site (at Bloodshot Records)

Colby Maddox – Shady Grove (the mp3 file says “Shady Groove” for some reason)
Janet Bean – Deep Water Blues

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