Extra treats

A couple extra Halloweeny things:

The new Contrast Podcast! Music to watch ghouls by, and bob for apples by, and eat scads of sticky candy by …

And a little piece in the New York Times written by Neil Gaiman, who can summon creeping horror in only four sentences (seriously, every little hair on the back of my neck is standing up):

And then there was the one who said, in her cellphone’s voicemail message, sounding amused as she said it, that she was afraid she had been murdered, but to leave a message and she would get back to us.

It wasn’t until we read the news, several days later, that we learned that she had indeed been murdered, apparently randomly and quite horribly.

But then she did get back to each of the people who had left her a message. By phone, at first, leaving cellphone messages that sounded like someone whispering in a gale, muffled wet sounds that never quite resolved into words.

Eventually, of course, she will return our calls in person.