Can Joann

Ryan Benjamin, guitarist from Can Joann, has sent me three emails so far. He says he’d be happy for any feedback on the band. Gosh, I sure hate to disappoint him, since he’s so persistent. So … can Joann? In my opinion, not really.

Can Joann is a band from Chapel Hill, a place which has cachet out the wazoo. It’s one of those places from whence springs the eternal well of indieness, or something. Anyway. C.J. needs to splash around more in the eternal well — they have a good underpinning, not too original but definitely listeneable, until the vox starts. Long story short, the guy isn’t going to be next year’s American Idol, and he really really needs a couple years of voice lessons, or failing that, an auto-tuner. I can’t stand more than 30 seconds of him. Of course, this comes from someone who has listened to many years of Matt Pryor singing off-key, so likely it’s not a deal-breaker for your ardent fans. The problem as I see it is, a band that has a middle-of-the-indie-road sound needs good vox to help separate itself from the pack.

Since Bon Ton isn’t a review site, I’ll let you readers decide for yourself. My advice to Can Joann (*cough* for what it’s worth, which is very little, but you asked) — get a new lead, but the rest of you keep on keepin’ on. Maybe you’ll be the new Annuals one of these days and then you’ll get all the blogger buzz you’d ever want.

Can Joann – Site | Myspace

Can Joann – After the Seizure’s Gone
Can Joann – Indecision’s Way
Can Joann – Lady Luck



  1. Icka’s avatar

    I am back from the deads. I am going to out indie you so bad. I see that I have created a monster and now all of the Los Angeles metropolitan area is suffering the consequences of my introduction of the indie virus into the family atomosphere. I will develop a cure. I will become so indie that you will become grossly disgusted with my sceneness, my girls pants, my white belts, my mullett, my overly large sunglasses, and my looking through the dictionary and joining together random words to make up bands names just so it seems like I know music that nobody else knows and I’ll leave such a bad taste in your mouth that you will mentally wretch every time you think of indie rock. Sucker.

    PS this is a really hollow threat

  2. Icka’s avatar

    Based on recent telephone conversations I am going to pretend that I was kidding in order to avoid bodily harm from those against whom I am not allowed to fight back. I joke. I joke.

  3. Jobu’s avatar

    So, appparently this blog has been going on for quite some time now, and nobody told me about it. Actually, I lied ’cause you totally did this summer. Anyway, you have my respect. I will forever remember “Beliefs, meet face.” I laughed for like ten freakin’ minutes. Oh, and the music’s good, too, I suppose. ;)

  4. zara’s avatar

    Don’t worry Christopher, I know talk is cheap. Also, “retch,” not “wretch.”

    I did tell you about it, Joseph. But you were too busy listening to Roman Candle and watching terrible TV. :D

  5. Icka’s avatar

    Post Script

    Yo Sucko.

  6. juliette’s avatar

    also, only one “t” on mullet. though it may not be a dictionary-accepted word, it is still a word that should be spelled correctly. gracious! :oP


  7. juliette’s avatar

    also my emoticon creations always seem to go awry.

  8. Icka’s avatar

    Depends on the length of the mullet being described, oh fountain of pretentious widsom. While in europe, I saw several mulletttttts, and many, many mullettes. Thbbbbbt.

  9. zara’s avatar

    I like your awry-icons.

  10. juliette’s avatar

    eeeh i was not aware of the different DEGREES of mulletttte. and here i am in the middle of rural maryland.

    i don’t remember seeing mullets of any sort in europe, however. just bad, very bad haircuts.

  11. Icka’s avatar

    Now that the public flogging of my self esteem is over, I think we can all agree that european haircuts suck. I don’t know about Germany, but in Switzerland and France, the eurotrash men and women are big mullet fans(often mullett fans), and there are many fashionistas there these days who sport mullettes. As for guys, 80 percent have faux-hawks, and it has become very trendy to shave designs into your head. People in europe are very stupid looking.

  12. zara’s avatar

    I think we can all agree that couture is beyond all of us … maybe the mullette is the next big thing for the runways. o.O

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