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Bandwidthy things are going along — October’s files are almost all replaced. Anything before that, I’m sorry to say, has become a casualty of my laziness. So let’s see what we have this week.

Celebrity Quote of the Week:
[Newsweek] Do you get upset when you see all these skinny young actresses [in Los Angeles]?

[Thompson] I can’t bear it. When I come to L.A. next week I’m planning to wear very tight dresses that emphasize my behind enormously and sashay around, wiggling my large bottom, saying, “This is normal and what it should be like.”
–Emma Thompson in Newsweek online. Oh yeah? Try living here. Just going to the grocery store is an exercise in self-hatred.

Good Charlotte video for “Keep Ya Hands Off My Girl” — newsflash, dude. No one WANTS your girl. PS, Cake called, and they want their song format back. Losers.

Paul Simon video for “Outrageous”. He’s got a Nikon camera, he loves to take photographs, so momma, don’t take his Kodachrome away.

At the New York Post, they report on Scott Stereogum’s good fortune. Congrats, Scott! Next it’ll be hookers and penthouses and Cristal, or you’ve learned nothing from MTV.

The DIY Rockstar gives tips on how to dress emo. Like they need more encouragement! Heh.

At Asthmatic Kitty, you can preview Sufjan’s Christmas albums. If you want to. And I’m not saying you want to get in the Christmas spirit just yet.

If John Mayer doesn’t quit with this blues guitar business, I’m going to start liking him … and that will mean Hell has frozen over, and we’re all going to turn into icicles. C’mon John Mayer! Won’t you please think of the children??

Slate magazine article “Borat Owes Me $97”. I think Borat is sheer idiocy, but I’m such a sucker for cultural criticism.

If you’re missing the days when you kicked butt in Streetfighter, you can try American Dad vs. Family Guy Kung Fu.

And finally, just to toot my own horn, Bon Ton made the Philly Inquirer. Hee! It reminds me of the days when I was going to work on a newspaper … yeah. Before I realized exactly how pushy you have to be to be a reporter.

[eta: New Contrast Podcast! Can’t leave that out. Also breaking news as Brit-Brit finally dumps her trailer trash husband. Next on the list: NOT GETTING ANOTHER ONE. For the love of Pete, woman.]

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  1. jeff’s avatar

    hey, that’s a low blow! ;)

  2. zara’s avatar

    Yeah, it wasn’t very nice, huh? I should really resist taking potshots at those sad emo boys with their pants “tighter than a zombie on fresh brrrrainnnssss.” Which is the best line ever, FYI.

  3. Icka’s avatar

    Nice work on the inquirer. Who needs to go into journalism when they just quote you all the time anyway?

  4. Jobu’s avatar

    Number 1: dude, Roman Candle is cool, a’ight? Even Aren likes them. Number 2: huzzah for horn-tooting! Well done. ;)

    Did I ever tell you I was quoted in the New York Times? Yeah, it was a headline. “Suspected Schizophrenic Calls L’il Romeo a ‘Crapface’!”

  5. Leaving Liverpool’s avatar

    Congrats on the Philly qoute!

  6. zara’s avatar

    One more reason not to read the New York Times, I suppose.

  7. Icka’s avatar

    I would like to express intense dislike for John Mayer. His body be a wonderland for my very violent minded foot.

    And Good Charlotte, what the crap is a ‘ya hand’?

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