Bon Ton (Fr.): Good manners.

Bon Ton is headquartered in the South Bay area of Los Angeles. Articles are written by zara, who is 30 years old, female, married, two kids, compulsive reader and writer and listener of good tunes. Sometimes I get guests to help out.

The songs posted to this site are for the purposes of introducing you, the reader, to music. Please support the musicians by buying their CDs, etc. All music can be taken down at any time, on request or for any other reason. Since many links have already expired as you read this, you may request a copy of the song from me by email; I will reply as quickly as possible. Thank you for visiting.

This site makes no moral claims for the artists it features. I try not to feature terribly explicit, racist, misogynist, or homophobic music, but musical artists are people, and they say things I can’t be responsible for. If you’re a parent of a child who downloads music off the Internet, my advice is to plug in some speakers and start their playlist at Track 1. Save you a lot of grief that way.

You can contact zara at shutupmulder at yahoo dot com. You can send links to promotional mp3s if you want, but keep in mind this is not a review site. If I like it, I’ll post it, and if I don’t … do you want the publicity anyway? Feel free to say so.