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Crushy VDay

Since I have a big crush on AC Newman, I will wish you a happy Valentine’s Day by posting his cover of “Take On Me.” It’s on the Starbucks compilation entitled “Sweetheart,” if you wish to enrich them by purchasing it. There’s a good Jem song and a half-decent cover of “I Put A Spell On You” by She & Him (i.e., the backing blues guitar is awesome, but I can’t listen to it because of her singing. Sigh). Oh yes, and a great DeVotchKa cover! And some not-so-great covers.

So rather than buying it at Coffee Conglomerate, go pick and choose on iTunes like a box of chocolates where you throw out the weird cherry ones and the ones full of strawberry creme (or maybe you keep those, because I’m the weirdo who likes chocolate fondant. Whichever).

And I’ll put up the DeVotchKa. But that’s because I love you, faithful reader.

[ed note: tracks removed! Email me for a copy.]

AC Newman — Take On Me (A-Ha)

DeVotchKa — Hot Burrito #1 (I’m Your Toy) (Flying Burrito Brothers)

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Video Hookup

I am way behind on the music scene. Even more so than usual, so forgiveness please if some of these videos are way overhyped already.

01. LAist put up the trailer for “The Soloist,” Steve Lopez’s book about a street musician that he befriended a couple years ago. Lopez writes the column “Points West” for the LA Times, which I have enjoyed reading for a while now. It must be surreal for him to see Robert Downey Jr. playing him. Hee! At any rate, the beautiful cello music played in the trailer is Yo-Yo Ma’s “Suite No. 1 — Prelude” from the Cello Suites Inspired By Bach. Gorgeous, no?

02. Documentary filmmaking for freedom: Boing Boing links to a short film on the Olympics and Tibet, called “Leaving Tibet Behind.” It is riveting.

03. Sent to me through email: video for Edison Woods’s song “Last Night I Dreamt I Would Last Forever.” Edison Woods is like, the Smiths smashed up with the Real Tuesday Weld. In a word, awesome.

04. Raj from Electroqueer, he of the impeccable ear for awesome catchy pop, linked to this excessively fun little piece called “I Love the Dancefloor,” by British band Kovak. I adore all the primary colors in the video too.

05. Raj also linked to something I’m pretty sure everyone knew about but me — the new (not new) Moby song entitled “Disco Lies.” After I saw this video I must have listened to the song like, 1000000 times. And now just thinking about it makes me want to listen again. So be warned.

06. Chad at ECEU linked to a video of AC Newman and Will Sheff singing Okkervil River’s newest song, “Lost Coastlines.” I link to this not because of Okkervil River per se, but because I have a huge crush on AC Newman’s voice. I could listen to him sing, well, whatever, all day.

07. LAist put up Advanced Afrobeat for Beginners part 2. Yeah okay, so like, a month ago. I’m out of the loop, like I said.

08. MOKB linked to Empire of the Sun’s smooth new song, “Walking On A Dream.” I wouldn’t go so far as to say I’d lick toads to get it, but it is very aurally aesthetic.

09. GvsB has Lykke Li live on Conan. Man, I freaking love Youth Novels (this song is “Breaking It Up”).

10. Russell Porter at interviews Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip.

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