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Wild nights—wild nights!
by Emily Dickinson

Wild nights—wild nights!
Were I with thee
Wild nights should be
Our luxury!

Futile the winds
To a heart in port—
Done with the compass,
Done with the chart!

Rowing in Eden—
Ah, the sea!
Might I moor, tonight,
In thee!


Nelly Furtado — Somebody To Love

Air — Napalm Love

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Isn’t it weird that in spite of all the fun YouTube videos I watch, that I don’t like embedding them in my own blog? I think it’s so ugly to scroll down past a ton of mini-tvs … they all look the same when nothing’s playing. Nonetheless, I have found some wicked good videos, so open ’em all in a new tab (you are using Firefox, right? RIGHT?).

Before I start, for those of you who hate videos, don’t scroll away yet! Nerd Litter interviewed Greg Goldberg of The Ballet (almost a month ago, but it’s still great!). This interview is so interesting and Goldberg just seems so smart and likeable. And oh, the Ballet has, you know, some awesome music too. (part 2 of the interview is slightly NSFW (text, no photos).)

And a little bit of the delicious eye candy! At I Am Fuel, Heather posted up the new Easy Tiger cover art. Oh Ryan, why do you have to be so hot? It makes it very difficult to stay mad at you.

OK, on to the brain melting video goodness.

01. The jammin’ video for “Bathtime in Clerkenwell,” by the Real Tuesday Weld. This is the kind of song that was made for Monday mornings. Or Friday afternoons. So get jamming with the cute cartoon birds! Jam, I tell you! Jam!

02. In case you haven’t seen them in a million other places, the new Feist videos – starting with 1,2,3,4. That pantsuit is so very very … unfortunate. Because Feist is awesome (that’s “My Moon, My Man”).

03. Jackie Greene, “I’m So Gone.” It’s like Ryan Adams lite, but I do love the first lines.

04. Snow Patrol, “Signal Fire,” for Spiderman 3. Love the cute li’l evil spiderman.

05. Air, “Once Upon A Time” from “Pocket Symphony.” Speaking of slick and sophisticated, check out those red drums.

06. The Go! Team, “Junior Kickstart,” a nice little instrumental. This sort of video is why I could waste all day on YouTube. Run, Ms. Pacman, run!

07. Dawn Landes & the WST Band, “Young Folks” (Peter, Bjorn & John). I like the whistling original better, but bluegrass, played by real people and not the wretched beauties of VH-1, is also completely awesome.

08. And speaking of wretched beauties … Beyonce ft. Shakira, “Beautiful Liar.” Don’t know where this came from or how old it is, but in my opinion it’s a comedown for Shakira to be in a Beyonce vid. Shakira is like Beyonce to the 10,000,000th power. But of course they both look fabulous, and I approve of the sentiment :D

09. The Bees, “Who Cares What the Question Is” — the Magical Mystery Tour meets, I don’t know, the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I bet the Beatles wish they’d thought of this song. It’s awesome! Listen to it right now right now!

10. The Zimmers, “My Generation.” I don’t know where Some Velvet Blog found this, but I love it. It speaks directly to my disgust for how our culture casts off its elderly and acts like life ends as soon as you get a wrinkle. We are self-absorbed, we get more and more silicon injected into our bodies in hopes that we’ll live forever, and we scorn the people that gave us birth. We should be ashamed of ourselves.

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So last week I thought to myself, “This is the worst week ever,” especially after I spilled my awesome crepe mix all over the stove and broke my good glass mixing bowl. But no! This week is the worst week ever. *nods*

01. Air – Mer du Japon
02. Albinoni – Adagio in G Minor
03. Duke Ellington – Satin Doll
04. Firecracker Jazz Band – Blue Leaf Clover
05. Yo Yo Ma – Prelude (Master & Commander soundtrack)

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Weekly Roundup

Celebrity quote of the week: “”I am going to take my outline to all of the writers and one by one get their ideas and feedback, and by the end of that, it’ll be kick-ass in a way only a ninja can kick ass.”
–Rainn Wilson, speaking of his new NINJA movie, “Bonzai Shadowhands.” You will all go see the movie! Dwight commands it! Reuters


Last time I was at, you could stream their whole album for free. I don’t know what I think of them yet, other than their name, which is awesome.

At Minty Fresh records (if you click on “stimuli”), you can download a free EP from the French band Prototypes. It rocks, I think … I can’t understand a word of it.


Math & Physics Club videos at skatterbrain. Very amusing — the lead looks like a rockstar version of my stepbrother! Hee hee.

At Jibjab, Weird Al video to “Do I Creep You Out”. I really think this is the most disturbing Weird Al song ever — when he starts singing about pit stains and underwear, I get awfully uncomfortable.


Stereogum announces there will be a New Air album, called “Pocket Symphony.” Wooty.

If you’re a big old nerd, you can go vote at the Plug awards. Although the “Album of the Year” doesn’t actually have any albums that I would consider. And on the electronic album of the year, where’s Karsh Kale? And on Music Website of the year, where’s Daytrotter? On Blog of the Year, where’s TRGAW? And not a mention of the Decemberists at all! People! Get with it!

Newsweek reviews the Zune. I’m a stick with my pink Mini, thank you very much.

Culturebully has a great article on bands that have ‘still got licks’.

The Sun reports on the biggest commercial ever. Now we just need a photo of a lawyer that we can see from space, and when the aliens come, they’ll know exactly what we’re about.

At Slate magazine, a great article about ‘Unsolved Mysteries’, which I used to watch religiously back in my younger days.

Slate also has a list of the US’s biggest charitable contributors; those enormous numbers being the biggest argument I can think of against taxing the rich (or any of us, for that matter).

And also also at Slate, a great discussion of hip-hop and sampling, and a corporation making a lot of money off of something they shouldn’t. reports that Wingnut Films and New Line have broken up!! Who will get custody of their baby, a little guy we like to call “The Hobbit”? This can only end in tears.

At IGN, a list of 007’s top 10 gadgets. I hate James Bond, but his gadgets are nifty.

And at CNN, FOX salvages what’s left of its conscience and pulls OJ’s murder special. Cue the angelic choir.

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I feel like I really ought to say something profound and interesting. But, having gorged on an entire bag of TJ’s chocolate pretzels, my brain can only say, “BZZZZZZZZ.”

So! I was at the gym the other day, and listening to the Mountain Goats while watching an insanely thin girl doing her workout. The super duper thing about gyms in L.A. is that there is a very high percentage of Beautiful People, doing their crunches and whatnot while you sweat through your workout, grind your teeth, and hate them.

Therefore, I present our first mix: songs referencing body parts in their titles. Make no mistake about it, I have more songs than this. However, I thought I’d spare you the live VH-1 version I have of Kelly Clarkson singing “Behind These Hazel Eyes.” Oddly enough, this mix referenced mostly the top half of the body. Why do I have so many songs about teeth? Freaky.

Welcome to Bon Ton! BZZZZZZZZ

Twin High Maintenance Machines: A Bon Ton Mix

[These tracks have been removed. You can contact me if you’d like a copy.]

1. Neutral Milk Hotel – Two Headed Boy
2. Ryan Adams – Expressway To Yr Skull
3. Mountain Goats – Lion’s Teeth
4. Tarkio – Devil’s Elbow
5. the New Amsterdams – All Ears
6. Rocky Votolato – Without Eyes Still Seeing
7. Iron & Wine – Teeth In the Grass
8. The Format – Sore Thumb
9. the Decemberists – Red Right Ankle ( Live at the Quad in London 11/15/2004)
10. The Old 97’s – Big Brown Eyes
11. Flogging Molly – Rebels of the Sacred Heart
12. Blanche – Redhead
13. Air – Dead Bodies
14. Bishop Allen – Corazon
15. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! – Skin Of My Yellow Country Teeth

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