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Songs by Email, part three

I got some great responses from my last post, and thanks to all the ladies who dropped by and gave me more names for my list. We only need one more site and we’d be at fifty, so if you’re out there, give us your name, precioussss. I was just glad to get so many more blogs for my RSS … I have trouble keeping up as it is, but so what? I’ll drown happy.

And now onto songs by email, part three. You know the drill.

Ali Marcus

Ms. Marcus is mentioned below in conjunction with female bloggers, but she is also a musician and her music sounds like something you’d hear on old timey radio, sitting with your ear pressed up against a vacuum tube. Very Dar Williams, using her voice and lyrics as instruments.

She has kindly made much of her 2007 album, “Miles and Miles and Miles,” available on her site. Can’t beat that. I’m really liking “A Pearl Is Just A Pearl.”

Ali Marcus – Site | Myspace | Label (Turtle Rock)

The Cinematic Orchestra

Recently released record entitled “Ma Fleur” is “the soundtrack to a specially commissioned screenplay for an imagined film (which may or may not yet be made).” Which is so frakking cool! It could be the soundtrack to your life, people! You just don’t know it.

The music is extra jazzy, sometimes sounding Bjorkian, like a song off of “Debut,” and sometimes just like what you said to your girlfriend last night on the phone before you hung up and cried. Yeah, admit it … the soundtrack already knows you did.

The Cinematic Orchestra – Site | Myspace

TCO — To Build A Home (edit)

TCO — Child Song (US 7″ b-side)


I appreciate the backwards-paddling mindset that it takes to compose blippity electronica, because often it’s not the kind of thing that makes the hoi polloi sit up and take notice. Kosovo decided that the rock they were churning out was ‘pretty generic’ (I quote their Myspace), so they tried something different, and bless them for trying.

It’s experimental and very laid-back, not something I could listen to all the time, but it would make excellent background for a Karazhan raid (gratuitous WoW reference). Your raid leader could give orders over it, and they’d fit right in.

Kosovo – Myspace

Robert Francis

Prettily played and sung, Ryan Adams crossed with Chris Isaak; thinks a bit much of itself. From the presskit bio:

Unlike most teenagers, Robert is not seduced by the decadent lifestyles of today’s pop stars and has only disdain for the over produced empty songs on the radio. Writing and producing all his own material, he injects one hundred percent truth and emotion into each of his songs.

Awww, teenage disdain and sincerity, you gotta love it. Album entitled “One by One” is coming out on Aeronaut records in August.

Robert Francis — Myspace | Label (Aeronaut)

Robert Francis — One By One
Robert Francis — Little Girl

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