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Thanks to Matthew, who pointed out another running song, (which came out in 2001 to Shannon Worrell’s 2000 – see below for ‘Long Distance Runner,’) so enjoy Belle & Sebastian — The Loneliness Of A Middle Distance Runner. Look ma! My first B&S song. I’m sure Matthew knew it was only a matter of time.

Well, lately all that’s been on my musical frontiers are “Scarlet’s Walk” (in the car) and Sea Wolf’s “Get To the River Before It Runs Too Low” (on the itunes). But I was sent the link to the Flies three times, and each time I listened to them and thought, “I really need to write about these guys.” So I’m buckling down! Since I haven’t had time to read my RSS, I hope you haven’t been reading millions of articles about the Flies already. If so … move along, nothing to see here, not the mp3s you’re looking for.

The most apt descriptor of this band, which has a name so impossible to google that you end up with page after page of William Golding1 (or Alice In Chains2), is: smooth with a capital Smoo. There’s sort of a retro-glam 70s feel of slicketyness wrapped around Sean Cook’s vox, all in some kind of upscale package like a box of Godivas. You can hardly imagine these guys grinding it out in some club with sweat running down their faces — Cook is almost torch-singing sometimes, and “Walking On the Sand” sounds like he ought to be slithering across a piano. Songs like “All Too Human” amp it up a bit, in a langorous sort of way, but I could listen to Cook sing all day, cause he actually sounds really hot. Not a lot of guy torch-singers these days — most of them try to cover up their crummy voices with faux-intelligent indie lyrics.

But the Flies seem to have smart lyrics, from what I’ve heard, so no complaints there. The one complaint I have is with their website, which I’m not going to link to — it’s weird and picturesque, but it doesn’t actually seem to lead to any information. I don’t like purely gimmicky websites — I need some info with my ‘tainment. But honestly, if any music from these folks comes across the pond that can be bought in easy format (i.e., I don’t have to register for another service), I’ll be all over it.

The Flies — Myspace | Label (No Carbon)

[note: files have been removed. contact me for a copy.]

The Flies – I Have No Shame

The Flies – Walking On the Sand

1 Lord of the Flies — poor Ralphie. Poor, poor Ralphie.
2 “Jar of Flies” — which contains my favorite AIC song, “Don’t Follow.” 1994, you were a good year.

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