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(I guess blogsarefordogs’ short-story-posting feature is out of commission for awhile. So poetry resumes when I remember to do it. –ed)

Wordsworth’s Skates
by Seamus Heaney

Star in the window.
                                  Slate scrape.
                                                           Bird or branch?
Or the whet and scud of steel on placid ice?

Not the bootless runners lying toppled
In dust in a display case,
Their bindings perished,

But the reel of them on frozen Windermere
As he flashed from the clutch of earth along its curve
And left it scored.

Bjork — The Modern Things

My Brightest Diamond — We Were Sparkling

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Video hookup

1. The Music Slut leads the pack, of course, with:

A) New Ry Ry video, entitled “Follow the Lights.” Ain’t half bad either. It really sounds like Ry is getting his groove back on. “There was never anywhere to go / but home.” (Home is apparently where Donna lives.)

B) The Who on Jools Holland. Completely unironically singing “hope I die / before I get old.” Psh, I knew they were lyin’. Generation X salutes you, baby boomers! Sic transit gloria mundi, except when you can capitalize on your nostalgia. Oh well, the music is still hawt.

C) Cold War Kids in the Black Cab. I can never decide if I’m totally in love with CWK, or whether they’re just totally pretentious. I call this the Decemberists Dilemma. Haha. The violin on this song is just stunning.

D) PJ Harvey on Leno, circa 93. This is the PJ I was talking about a couple days ago. That quick slip between begging her lover not to leave, to talking about tying him up till he wishes he’d never heard of her.

E) Bjork Unplugged, 1993, “One Day” acoustic. TOTALLY AWESOME.

F) The Cure in Amsterdam, “the Forest,” 1980. Robert Smith, pre-persona. Twelve years later, this song rocked my world, I’m not even kidding. Oh Robert, I miss the days when you weren’t a caricature of yourself.

G) Tori on The Current, doing Leather. Oh Tori, I miss the days … well, whatever.

2) Via LAist, an amusing misheard lyrics video, featuring one of my favorite workout songs: Sean Paul’s “Temperature.”

3) Via Stereogum, a fun video for Bishop Allen’s “Click Click Click Click.”

4) At Fabulist, Olga takes us back to the early days of Rilo Kiley with “The Frug.”

5) Via Skatterbrain, some good old fashioned pop from Lykke Li: “Little Bit.” Feel free to chair dance.

6) Muzzle of Bees revisits last years’s #3 awesome album. “So how do you feel about being dead?” “I don’t know … my neck hurts.” I LOVE YOU BLACK KEYS.

7) Since Bodies of Water and Stereogum are BFFS, you can see clips there from BoW’s “Takeaway Shows.”

8) Awesome vid from *my* new BFF, LoveLikeFire: “I
(via Rock Insider).

9) ECEU finds one of my fave James Taylor songs, You Can Close Your Eyes, It’s Alright.

10) LAist notes that KT Tunstall turned up to support the WGA a couple weeks ago and someone took a video of her doing “I Want You Back”.

11) Idolator puts the spotlight on Melissa Auf der Maur’s “Followed the Wave.” *sigh* She’s so beautiful. If Foo Fighters had a girl twin, Auf der Maur would be it.

12) Via Electroqueer, Roisin Murphy at the Swarovski fashion awards doing “Overpowered.” I love that hair!

13) IGIF brings us back to the 10 year old video for UNKLE & Thom Yorke’s “Rabbit In Your Headlights,” which I had never seen, though I love the song. What a creepy video, but perfect for the song.

14) And last but not least, new Postmarks video via Stereogum. “Let Go,” all hazy and sunny and green, showcasing one of the best songs on a great album.

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Weekly Roundup

First of all, let me take a second to plug Akismet. If you’re running your own blog — on WordPress or not — then you’re probably getting comment spam out the wazoo. I know I get more spam than comments (sadly) and Akismet stops them before they’re posted. I never have to do anything but delete them out of the queue. Akismet is the roxor! Seriously, just go get it.

And now back to our regularly scheduled program.

Celebrity quote of the week: “He should feel grateful that’s he’s [been] given the gift to write pop songs – which he needs to write again!” — Brandon Flowers, speaking of Thom Yorke.

Seriously, can this guy just shut up? He’s giving people with a mustache a bad name. Mr. Flowers, are you actually trying to put Thom Yorke in a class with your pappy, banal, status-quo, MTV-video-loving music? I remember the first time I heard “The Bends” — it felt like the top of my head was coming off. I don’t recall feeling the same about “somebody told me that you had a boyfriend who looked like a girlfriend,” etc., etc. Thom Yorke’s crazy, and some of his stuff sounds like 12,000 keys jingling at the same time, but you, sir, are deluded. Like we used to say in sixth grade: “Silence, fool!” (source: The Observer)


Along with Idolator, let us bow our heads and mourn the death of PoPoZao.

You can still stream the Decemberists’ “Yankee Bayonet” here. It’s freaking AWESOME. !!!!!! If you’re lucky enough to live in the Portland area, don’t forget to do what you have to do (no jury would convict you) to get into Colin Meloy’s living room concert.

Via Earfarm, you can download a copy of the Mountain Goats in Mount Pleasant, SC on Oct 19, 2004.


Via Indie Don’t Dance, the video for Bjork’s “Bachelorette”. If you’ve ever wondered how to film a Bjork song, well, this is how to do it.

Fun times with Drug PSAs over at Cracked.

And, via Squirrel Food, we learn about the beautiful Sony Bravia ads.


At Blender, you can read their take on the 50 Worst Things Ever To Happen To Music. At #22: “Lists That Reduce Rock History to a Series of Glib Soundbites.” Uh huh.

Rbally is auctioning off an iPod to help pay the medical bills of Rogue Wave’s guitarist. The auction ends in 4 days and you can still get a relatively cheap bid in. Won’t somebody please think of the children??!

Zoilus’s article on the Mountain Goats show is making the rounds. It’s really beautifully written, and it nails why I am now John Darnielle’s slave for life — MG is for words people. Nuff said.

Damien Rice news and mp3s from his forthcoming album “9.” I wonder if he’ll ever get to “1.”

John Mayer is a horrible singer, but “John Mayer Has A TV Show” was one of the funniest half hours ever. Now I’ve found John Mayer’s blog, and, as expected, it’s funny. I can’t believe I just typed “John Mayer” four times in three lines of text.

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Throwaway Saturday, as I have a million errands to run.

[These tracks have been removed. You can contact me if you’d like a copy.]
1. Bjork – Human Behavior (Underworld Mix)
2. Little Shop of Horrors (soundtrack) – Somewhere That’s Green
3. Mountain Goats – Anti Music Song
4. West End Girls – West End Girls (Pet Shop Boys)
5. Wolf Parade – You Are A Runner and I Am My Father’s Son

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