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Summer Mix

Doesn’t everyone have one of these? Well, I wanted to do one too, so there. This one is more loosely put together than usual but still meant to be listened to in order; and hopefully the last song doesn’t insult anyone. The 90s were a time of … uh … looser speech? Or is it loserspeak? I forget which. At any rate, enjoy “The Warmer the Waves,” either in little pieces or a rar file containing all the songs.

01 dj john — rockin down the house with rum & coca cola (the andrews sisters vs. mi 7)
02 m ward — here comes the sun again
03 led zeppelin — down by the seaside
04 bishop allen — that summer
05 dan zanes & angelique kidjo — jamaica farewell
06 the innocence mission — once upon a summertime
07 the beatles — octopus’s garden
08 ben kweller — sundress
09 bright eyes — tourist trap
10 pm dawn — set adrift on memory bliss
11 the ronettes — paradise
12 dead milkmen — bitchin’ camaro

Summer Mix rar file

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It is to laugh (+ mini video hookup)

Lollerskates, guys, I just saw this post over at Catbirdseat, where scalpers are offering $300 a pair for the upcoming Vampire Weekend gig … at the El Rey. The El Rey! Dude, it doesn’t even have outdoor cachet (unless you count the Ralph’s parking garage over on Western)! If red velvet and baroque gold REALLY turn you on, you too can spend $150 to jostle for standing room with the rest of the indie kids! And buy a bottle of water for $5! Oh man, you guys have no idea how hard I laughed at that post.

In other non-LA or -Texas related news:

01. Felice Brothers & Bright Eyes cover Tom Petty. Man, I love me some Petty.

02. An oldie but goodie: They Might Be Giants, “Anna Ng.”

03. EQ has new Private video: We Got Some Breaking Up To Do.

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This blog is a fan of Bright Eyes. This blog doesn’t care what you say, because if you talk bad about Conor, it means you’re just jealous. Go kick a puppy or something, haters! That said, I’m going to say a couple semi-mean things but end on a high note. Yep.

The Four Winds EP is interesting. It’s not exactly what I would have expected from the experimental, raw author of “Lifted.” It’s a lot more country than rock (which could be bad for some folks, but not for me). It’s a lot more polished and put-together than “Lifted,” which is basically the bar that Conor has to raise, in my opinion. I liked “I’m Wide Awake,” and I liked it a lot, but “Lifted” blew my head off. “Four Winds,” eh. The passion is there but the songs are not his best; it may be even the fault of the countryesque music, because country can be very slow if you don’t know how to jab your spurs in. (Heh.)

I am also not a huge fan of two Bright Eyes staples: one, the semi-veiled political commentary (yawn), and two, the conceit of setting up two opposites. He does it too often on Four Winds, and sometimes it works (from “Tourist Trap,” Or on the way to Cassadega to commune with the dead / (they said, “You better look alive”)) — and most of the time it’s just annoying (from “Cartoon Blues,” Why do I envy the ending right from the start? / Just get it together to take it apart.) It starts to blur together like a Nora Roberts romance novel cover — “Genuine Lies” or “Brazen Virtue.” Yes, yes, we get it.

That said, I’m looking forward to “Cassadega”! The beautiful, seductive “We Are Nowhere and It’s Now” came up on my ipod today and I remembered how it felt to hear, for the first time, a song that grabs your heart and squeezes till you can’t breathe.

Bright Eyes – Site at Saddle Creek | Myspace

Bright Eyes – Tourist Trap (from Saddle Creek site)

Bright Eyes – Cartoon Blues