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Can Joann

Ryan Benjamin, guitarist from Can Joann, has sent me three emails so far. He says he’d be happy for any feedback on the band. Gosh, I sure hate to disappoint him, since he’s so persistent. So … can Joann? In my opinion, not really.

Can Joann is a band from Chapel Hill, a place which has cachet out the wazoo. It’s one of those places from whence springs the eternal well of indieness, or something. Anyway. C.J. needs to splash around more in the eternal well — they have a good underpinning, not too original but definitely listeneable, until the vox starts. Long story short, the guy isn’t going to be next year’s American Idol, and he really really needs a couple years of voice lessons, or failing that, an auto-tuner. I can’t stand more than 30 seconds of him. Of course, this comes from someone who has listened to many years of Matt Pryor singing off-key, so likely it’s not a deal-breaker for your ardent fans. The problem as I see it is, a band that has a middle-of-the-indie-road sound needs good vox to help separate itself from the pack.

Since Bon Ton isn’t a review site, I’ll let you readers decide for yourself. My advice to Can Joann (*cough* for what it’s worth, which is very little, but you asked) — get a new lead, but the rest of you keep on keepin’ on. Maybe you’ll be the new Annuals one of these days and then you’ll get all the blogger buzz you’d ever want.

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