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I appreciate bands that seem friendly, that give you enough music that you can make up your mind about them. The CD rule I’ve had since 9th grade is, if I don’t like four songs on the CD, I’m not buying it. Even $9.99 for a CD is a lot when you are a music junkie, so I have to know before I buy.

Chicago band Canasta is a great example. Their band webpage is easy to get around, and they have a radio player that streams all the songs from their 2005 release “We Were Set Up.” And in the “audio” section, you can download five songs from their 2003 EP “Find the Time.” And a fun live cover of “Tom’s Diner.” They just seem like a good group, having fun, doing their thing. And I really really like their song “Chicago Slow Down,” which has this big showtune chorus, complete with keyboards and (I assume) can-can dancers.

So, good job Canasta! I feel like we’re friends. :D I’ll be on the lookout for your new stuff, hopefully coming out this year.

Canasta – Site | Myspace

Canasta Audio page, where you can download a ton of pop-indie deliciousness.