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Video Hookup

01. Via BoingBoing, it’s S.E.X.Y.R.O.B.O.T.! It’s a song by Pinker Tones, not to be confused with any other kind of r.o.b.o.t.

02. At Feministing, Nellie McKay gets on her high horse with her mandolin. It’s irony, folks! Look into it.

03. Electroqueer makes the screen sizzle by highlighting some Juvelen videos. Nice job once again, Sweden.

04. Via Gvs.B and everyone under the sun, Lykke Li’s new video for “Breaking It Up.” That coat is SO SO SO SO SO 80s. But is her bedroom, like, in a parking garage? Just wondering.

05. Also at, a nice song by Chris Blake is transmuted to a very nice video about Google users’ biggest regrets.

06. And also also from BB, Russell Porter interviews Bennie Pete, the bandleader of the New Orleans Hot 8 Brass Band. Frigging awesome, guys. I love brass band stuff, love it love it.

07. I love Amanda Palmer too (but not her eyebrows) though I never quite know what’s going on with her. Would this video at Fabulist! help? (Answer: not really.)

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