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In the era of post-punk, is it conceivable that we’ve entered the time of post-folk? Or in the era of post-postmodernism, perhaps we’re onto post-post-folk. We’re so ironic that we’re not ironic anymore, which seems to be the case of the Fembots (or sometimes, FemBots). They’re billed in their presskit as “post-industrial folk,” which is a way to excuse, I suppose, their use of percussion. No need for excuses, in my opinion — though the vocals are very folky, they mesh well with the brash rock underpinnings of their 2005 release, “The City.”

Their back catalog seems to be a lot more folky or country — “Small Town Murder Scene,” the title song of their 2004 release, features handclaps and what sounds like spoons or cowbell for percussion (something metal, anyway). It’s got a post-lo-fi (ha) vibe to it; other songs have spoken word, church bells, sirens … given my preferences, I like it very much. But in case you’re not into the whole alt-country scene, “The City” has kept much of the the rustic cowbellish sound but added rock (or post-industrial, if you like) to create an aurally pleasing mix. And if you go to the Paper Bag Records site, you can stream the albums yourself and write your own insightful post-review review.

The Fembots – Site | Label (Paper Bag)

[These tracks have been removed. You can contact me if you’d like a copy.]

The Fembots – Count Down Our Days
The Fembots – Hell
The Fembots – Small Town Murder Scene