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Video Hookup

Thanks to Nick, who suggested more 20th century songs to add to the list:

“1963” by New Order (video link is the “arthur baker remix”).

“1972” by Josh Rouse (that’s a crappy video, but on his site, you can see a video of him doing an excellent cover of “A Forest.” Suddenly I’m a little bit in love.)

— …and the man who rhymes “Simone-a” with “sober” and “over” — James Blunt, “1973.” Not to mention that if James Blunt could get into clubs in 1973, I’m the frigging queen of Sweden. (Hint: My name is not Silvia. And JB was born in 1974. Hah.)

Also, DANCING CUPCAKES! You know you want to see some cupcakes waltzing. It will make your day.

At Idolator, a couple of vintage Garbage videos. Ah, Shirley.

And via LAist, well, Kobe jumps over an Aston Martin. No offense, but I can’t try it at home, because I don’t have a #$*&!!!@ ASTON MARTIN.

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