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Ghost Bees

Lately I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night for no reason and just lying there kind of 3/4ths of the way asleep. Maybe an hour later I finally fall asleep. This is wreaking havoc with my gym-going as you can imagine (I go at 5am) but it does lead to some weird half-asleep thoughts. Sometimes I even think I’m awake but later I will realize I wasn’t really. Perhaps sometimes I will find myself standing on top of the Hollywood sign in my pajamas.

Ghost Bees is the music you would hear if you were half-awake, convinced that along with the breeze through the window, someone is singing a translation of “Der Erlkoenig,” a poem by Goethe. The poem goes like this: a father and son are riding through a forest. The father is trying to keep his son snug and safe; but the son keeps saying, “Can’t you see the Erlkoenig (the Elf-king) following us?” At the end, the Erlkoenig has his way and the mortals suffer for it. It’s the perfect poem to complement Ghost Bees’s experimental folk sound, which I would classify as Eisley meets Alela Diane meets sonic dissonance. Long story short, I like it even in the light of day, and you will too.

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