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Gráinne Duffy

My little three-year-old, he loves traditional Irish music, and by that, I mean the Clancy Brothers. Give him a chorus of “the Gypsy Rover” or “John Kanaka” and he’s on cloud nine. And perhaps you might be tempted to think of Ireland as the land of a) the Clancy Brothers (or their punk derivatives); b) U2; and c) soulful balladeers, like Damien Rice or Gary Lightbody or Lisa Hannigan. (Exceptions: persons actually living in Ireland, who are probably laughing right now). But no! I learn something new every day, and the something new I learned about Ireland is Gráinne Duffy.

Ms Duffy makes music in my personal favorite genre, blues rock. Is blues rock really big in Ireland? If so, I’m totally moving there. The songs on Duffy’s album, “Out of the Dark,” are gorgeous. The complex, speaking guitar work on “Rather Go Blind” is wildly reminiscent of Stevie Ray Vaughn, and on other songs she sounds like Clapton in his blues phase (did he ever come out of that phase? heh). It’s a pure pleasure to listen to, and I simply can’t believe she’s unsigned. What the hell are these companies thinking to sign idiots like K. Perry or those awful, off-key Jonas Brothers to their labels when there are geniuses out there like Duffy? It’s just shameful (and you kids, get off my lawn).

“Out of the Dark” was released in 2007. Duffy’s site has previews of all the songs (in the store section). Thanks to Muruch for noticing first (she said almost exactly what I said, only better).

Gráinne Duffy — Site | Myspace

Gráinne Duffy — Rather Go Blind