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[Before I talk about a real singer, let me just link to a post that sums up everything I ever thought about Scarlett Johanssen singing. Bless you, GFY, you always know the right thing to say.]

And now to Ms. Bonar, who I have been a fan of for many years, since 2003’s “…the Size of Planets.” Her style is extremely understated and her songwriting is wry and spare and easy. If I were out, say, riding the Metro downtown (heaven forfend), I would want Haley on my ipod as I zoned out and watched the human race go by. It’s a hobby of mine to wonder where people are going when they travel, and Haley could be my commentary — people love, or they don’t; they are sad, they are happy, they move along, and they want; and they get or they don’t get what they ask for. I think the new record (entitled “Big Star” and coming out in June) will be most excellent (and, considering the subject matter of the song, apropos for a train ride through Hollywood).

Haley Bonar — Site | Myspace | Label (Afternoon)

[ed note–tracks removed. contact me for a copy.]

Haley Bonar — Big Star

Haley Bonar — Captain Captain [from “Lure the Fox”]



So … people are like … at some festival in Texas? Ya got me. Thanks to Muruch for this one, as I picked out the poem to go with the song instead of the other way ’round.

Love rode 1500 miles
by Judy Grahn

Love rode 1500 miles on a grey
hound bus & climbed in my window
one night to surprise
both of us.
the pleasure of that sleepy
shock has lasted a decade
now or more because she is
always still doing it and I am
always still pleased. I do indeed like
aggressive women
who come half a continent
just for me; I am not saying that patience
is virtuous, Love
like anybody else, comes to those who
wait actively
and leave their windows open.


the Felice Brothers — Wonderful Life

Haley Bonar — Us

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