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Confession time? Perhaps. Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve never heard a Joy Division song. I wouldn’t know “Love Will Tear Us Apart” if you blasted it at a thousand decibels (I was five when it was released). Therefore, I neither know nor care if Interpol is some kind of JD ripoff — I mean, call it a revival, don’t act like Joy Division didn’t flame out 27 years ago, do they have a hundred year monopoly on a certain set of guitar chords? Well anyway, enough said before I show too much ignorance.*

Interpol! I like you guys! I like that you wear suits in all your pictures. Honestly, I can’t believe you’re from the US; you seem too classy, too Euro. In fact, I can tell from browsing Wiki that you’re more popular in Britain than here — that is, more songs come up on the UK charts — but you don’t seem to be so well known in US or UK mainstream. Which is too bad because you’ve got a sound that is completely radio friendly. Maybe you’re just a casualty of the fact that no one listens to the radio anymore. And no one watches music videos. You guys look great in music videos (well, except for the unfortunate glasses in “C’mere.” Dunno what you were thinking there).

I like that driving bass that underlines most of the songs. You always sound like you’re singing through a tunnel, so I haven’t deciphered most of the lyrics, but I like what I think I’m hearing. I’ve got “Mammoth,” from your new album “Our Love To Admire,” on repeat. Please continue making your staccato punk and damn the torpedoes. It’s impressive stuff.

Interpol — Site | Myspace | Label (Capitol)

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Interpol – Mammoth

Interpol – Rest My Chemistry

*Also, it is quite likely that everyone has heard about Interpol already and I’m beating a dead horse. The Hype Machine certainly seems to prove this theory. Oh well.