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Off topic, does anyone have an “entry song” into “Hazards of Love”? You know, a song you can listen to and it gets you excited to hear the rest? Excluding the Rake’s Song, that is. I listened to the first three tracks and it was like, snoozeville, so either I am way off base or I just haven’t found the way into it. Any suggestions? (Confession: I kind of hate albums where the whole thing is one story. Excluding “The Wall.” But even that gets on my nerves sometimes.)

Aaaand, back to topic in five, four three ….

The ladies are rocking my socks off these last few months, with some really great stuff. It’s so much fun to look at my playlist and realize that it’s all women singing/writing/playing (yes, guys are great too, that’s not the point). Let’s recap, for those people who have been hiding under a rock for awhile.

01. Lisa Hannigan — Sea Sew. Have I said enough about this album? I THINK I HAVE.

Lisa Hannigan — Venn Diagram

02. Camera Obscura — My Maudlin Career. This one is classic C.O. and very fun to listen to. It starts off with such a great track, “French Navy,” where Traceyanne Campbell laments the fleeting nature of love and its unholdability.

Camera Obscura — French Navy

03. Vienna Teng — Inland Territory. Her voice is so beautiful that she sneaks all kinds of social issues into her songs and you don’t even notice until you’re singing along.

Vienna Teng — No Gringo

04. Bat For Lashes — Two Suns. Spacy, nutty, gorgeous: it’s all still there in the fabulous mix that is Natasha Khan.

Bat For Lashes — Travelling Woman

05. Neko Case — Middle Cyclone. The usual mix of the unusual: startling violent images, mysterious lyric play, being stalked by a cyclone. You know; same old same old.

Neko Case — Polar Nettles

06. Jenn Grant — Echoes. Understated and beautiful folk with jazzy undertones; the lyrics almost remind me of Bjork sometimes :D but the music does not sound anything like Her Icelandiness.

Go forth and listen!

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Music by email

Ye olde oddes & endes.

01. Eleni Mandell — I liked everything I heard from Mandell. “Artificial Fire” (the song) has this gorgeous guitar work on it, and though I’m not sure what she means by artificial fire, it’s no weirder than pretty much every New Pornographers song ever. There’s a strong jazz influence on the music, with extra brass, which is awesome. Mandell is apparently a Silver Lake fixture if you know that scene, so hop over to her site and preview some tracks. You can pick up “Artificial Fire” (the album) on Feb. 17.

Eleni Mandell — Artificial Fire

Eleni Mandell — Site | Label (Zedtone)

02. The Online Romance — They sent me a very cute song called “Ladybug, Don’t Smile.” Love the lyrics: “Your spotty bright umbrella covers your back / and it seems as though you never heard that luck goes badly.”

They seem to be writing some songs for an upcoming album. Perhaps we will hear more later? This song seems very apropos for a summer mix. *files it away for ladybug season*

The Online Romance — Ladybug, Don’t Smile

The Online Romance — Site | Myspace

03. Jenn Grant — Six-Shooter Records strikes again. I love Jenn Grant, I may have mentioned this before. Yeah. Gorgeous redhead delivers laid-back, harmonious, beautiful tunes, never the same twice. My favorite so far is “(I’ve Got) the Two Of You,” which sounds like the Andrews Sisters. Album entitled “Echoes” came out Feb. 3rd.

Jenn Grant — (I’ve Got) the Two Of You
Jenn Grant — Fireflies

Jenn Grant — Site | Myspace | Label (Six Shooter)

04. Turbowölf — Guys, they have an umlaut in their name. The music is as thick as peanut butter and “Ghost Hunt” has a fantastic moshable beat. It is not my usual cup of tea, dur, but it does take me back to high school (in a good way). I don’t think there’s any kind of new album or anything, just some random promotion and talk of SXSW and whatnot. Haha, I pet them on their Turbo furry heads.

Turbowölf — Ghost Hunt

Turbowölf — Myspace

05. Weinland — They didn’t send me much info so I have no review. However, you too can stream a good new Weinland song at the Portland Mercury site.

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Some of these don’t even get the obligatory 200 words. Oh well.

Jenn Grant — I believe I already said somewhere that I love Jenn Grant. Let me say it again. Listening to her reminds me of the good old days when my headphones were glued to my head in college and Sarah McLachlan was always playing. Not that Jenn sounds exactly like Sarah, but they both have a slow, lush timbre in common. New album is called “Orchestra For the Moon.”

Jenn Grant — Dreamer

Jistoray – seemed like something was there, but I just couldn’t find it.

Northern Room — though they sent me a nice email, this is not my kind of music. It’s very alternative top 40, like Silverchair crossed with Nickelback and a little bit of Incubus thrown in. Perhaps you like those bands who are currently on play on your local station; if so, then check out Northern Room.

Our Last Night – Dashboard Confessional on speed. *falls over dead*

The Sharp Things — I like the idea of a symphonic pop band, and the instrumentals backing this song are totally lickable; but I don’t really like the slick 70s vibe of the vox. Still, it’s extremely professional. If you liked those slick 70s numbers, this is the band for you.

The Sharp Things — Cruel Thing.

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Video hookup

I have been megahooked on re-watching “Friday Night Lights.” Who knew I’d love a show about football so much? It’s crazy! So this site has been sitting sadly waiting for me to finish watching season one again.

Before I start with the mind-numbing video goodness, I want to give literary props to Blogs Are For Dogs. Every Saturday Josh runs “Short Story Saturday,” where you can get your English major on. Woo!

01. Via the Music Slut, the video for Travis’s “My Eyes.” I love this song, but the video is just odd.

02. Each Note Secure rounded up some nice Elvis covers, including the Pet Shop Boys doing “Always On My Mind.” I absolutely love that video with its classic line: “I’m a bilingual … illiterate. I can’t read in two languages.”

03. Via New & Used Records, video of the New Pornographers doing “My Rights Vs. Yours” on Letterman. If you haven’t heard this song yet, DO YOURSELF A FAVOR. Seriously, as a person who was not a fan of Destroyer or New Pornographers (much) before this, do yourself a favor.

04. Electroqueer reminds us all of how the Eurotrash scene is alive and well, with Sergey Lazarev’s “Eye of the Storm.”

05. From Fabulist, “Les Escargots,” a short French film about … giant snails. Moral of the story — don’t water your plants with your tears.

06. Wonderful Jax from Rock Insider turned me on to Jenn Grant — quintessential girl indie, and the video for “Dreamer” has this little smidge of interpretive dance around the 2 minute mark … just a tease of it … so beautiful.

07. Gorilla vs. Bear shared the odd video for El Perro del Mar’s song “Party.” Very Rear Window.

08. Perhaps you like Motown revival. Perhaps you like skinny girls with Barbra eyeshadow. MOKB has you covered with Candie Payne’s “One More Chance.”

09. The Music Slut gives me a nice Ry Ry fix with this clip of “The Sun Also Sets” for a Nissan Live gig. Way to make it look easy, Tiger. (hur hur)

10. New & Used Records proves that Nelly Furtado is the new Paula Abdul. I mean that respectfully, because Paula was my girl, back in the day. This video for “Do It” has a righteous beat.

11. Electroqueer bemoans the lack of lesbian moments in the Veronicas’ video “Hook Me Up.” Well, they are sisters, after all… there’s only so much you can hope for, even in this great perverted fantasyland we call the internet. Great song tho, seriously.

12. From Audiography, a link to the inmates of Cebu Provincial Detention & Rehabilitation Center in Cebu, Phillippines, ddoing “Thriller.” This has 6 million views, maybe you’ve seen it before. It’s disturbing but so nicely choreographed! Well played, inmates. Well played.

13. And last but not least, I Am Fuel gives up some crazy British groove: Dan le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip, “The Beat That My Heart Skipped” (scroll to the bottom) I could have done without the strippers, but I was loving the chorus.

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