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Video hookup

I have to clear all the starred items I’ve been saving for you all out of my RSS feeder, so here we go:

01. I Am Fuel has a very beautiful video of Ry Ry doing “Let It Ride” in Boulder, CO. Oh, I think I’m falling for him again now that he’s sober. Ryan, I can’t stay mad at you when you sing so beautifully! Call me.

02. G vs. B showed us the new video from Alela Diane, entitled “The Rifle,” and though it’s a little too Haley Bonar for pure originality, it also kind of rocks all the way around.

03. New & Used Records has the new (semi-new, now) JT video for “Lovestoned/I Think She Knows.” The first part is just genius, I think, but the last part is meh (which is the exact opposite of what I think about the song, ha ha).

04. Fabulist! has Charlotte Gainsbourg’s video “The Operation.” Reminds me of that one Tori video. Is that good or bad?

05. G vs. B has video for Spoon’s song “Underdog.” The video is really neat! And there is mariachi! In the songs where B.Daniels doesn’t sound like he’s singing through a mouthful of oatmeal, I really like Spoon.

06. Each Note Secure highlights the new indie craze, aka Bat For Lashes. I’m gonna jump on the bandwagon, seriously.

07. Fanmade videos are the new orange. Here’s one for Placebo’s “Running Up That Hill,” showcased by the Music Slut. Hey, I just wanted to hear “Running Up That Hill” one more time.

08. Everybody Cares has a video of the National playing a very nice rendition of the only song I like of theirs, “Fake Empire,” played on Ye Letterman.

09. The Music Slut asks the important questions while showing the new KT Tunstall video (“Hold On”). I like it.

10. Sifl and Olly! Scroll down in this Gimme Tinnitus post for “My United States of Whatever,” and hopefully it will bring back pleasant memories. :D

11. The Rawking Refuses To Stop semi-heartily endorses the new album from The Magic Numbers, and I gotta admit I do like the song in spite of the ridiculously cheeseball video. Check out “This Is A Song” (I know) from album “Those the Brokes.”

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In preparation for a slight format change in the next few weeks, today I’m putting up my top two gym albums of the year, because I wouldn’t have gotten through all those miles on the treadmill (and the elliptical machine, the rowing machine, the bike thingy, and the treadclimber) without them. Sorry, Justin and Alison! It’s not your fault I’m still fat.

Top Two Gym albums of the year

Justin Timberlake
Jive Records
What Goes Around Comes Around (removed. contact me for a copy.)

Justin has captured the niche that appeals to all (straight!) women – the boy next door who could be bad if he wanted, but he doesn’t really want to. He wants to please his girl instead, and that’s a powerful archetype. No wonder those records fly off the shelf.

Mute US
Number 1(removed. contact me for a copy.)

I think “Ooh La La” was my most-listened-to gym song of the year. In spite of the album’s oddly spelled song titles (I’m old, okay? I don’t automatically think of “you” as “U”), I’m in love with Alison’s siren voice.

Other gym songs that can help you get through that last tenth of a mile:

1. Shakira – Hips Don’t Lie: Bamboo (2006 FIFA world cup remix)
2. Aika – Glittering Lights
3. Jay-Zeezer – Yeah in the Sun
4. Yum! Yum! Orange – Don’t Worry!
5. Falco – Rock Me Amadeus

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We now return this site to its regularly scheduled program! And boy oh boy, you leave for two weeks and a million things happen. Lance Bass is gay, people!!! (Ok, ok, that’s old news). Pam and Kid Rock got married!!! (Even white trash might hesitate to claim those people). And there was some other stuff, possibly related to the world of indie music! So here’s my catchup post, part one.


Via Best Week Ever, OK Go’s video for “Here It Goes Again,” a fabulous video for a basically forgettable song. HOWEVER! As someone who has tried to jump on a moving treadmill and almost smashed her face against the control panel, I know this treadmill-dancing stuff is not as easy as it looks. If they featured this sort of thing on “So You Think You Can Dance,” I wouldn’t barf up my guts every time my mother-in-law turned it on.

Of course I have to go on vacation right when the new Justin Timberlake video comes out for “SexyBack” (or as the video has it, “Sexy Back,” which makes more sense, but hey). Justin, looking his usual inscrutably troubled self, getting it on with a hot girl and balancing a glass of whiskey caaarrreefulllyyy on a door handle. Right on! (He could have used the trick from “Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency,” but that involved a hair across a refrigerator door, and as we can all see, he doesn’t have enough hair.) Via Stereogum.

Surfing around on Jagjaguwar records, I found a video for Okkervil River’s “For Real.” The monster crying flames is my favorite part. (Download “For Real” at Jagjaguar.)


If you like being Indier Than Thou, you’ll hit the holy grail with new band (collaboration? side project?) Swan Lake. It’s made up of Canadian sweethearts Carey Mercer (Frog Eyes), Spencer Krug (Wolf Parade, Sunset Rubdown), and Dan Bejar (Destroyer, New Pornographers). These name-droppable folks will be releasing their debut album, “Beast Moans,” on Nov. 21st. Preview with “All Fires” at Mocking Music.

New Live Flogging Molly album is out! And someday I am going to SEE them live, no matter how many drunken people bump into me and scream into my ear during the set.

Via I Am Fuel, we learn of Ryan Adams streaming a new song on his site. It’s called “France.” The new song, not his site. But I haven’t listened to it yet, because my desktop is literally full to the gills with music.

Via Mars Needs Guitars:
U2 Live in London, 1982
and U2 Live at the Ritz, March 17, 1982
Part One
Part Two


Good Hodgkins presents the Pitchfork Music Festival in a neat little package, including lovely photos of our favorite indie folks (i.e. Band of Horses, Tapes N Tapes, Mountain Goats, Destroyer, etc., etc.)

Lollapalooza photos at My Old Kentucky Blog and Muzzle of Bees


I’m surfing for a ringtone (and I can’t find one I like … where are all the Decemberists ringtones? I’d totally pay for a horrible high-octave keyboard remix of “engine driver,” man) and I’m seeing a weird trend in top-40 rock recently. Between Staind, Mudvayne, and Trapt, I’m kind of disturbed (get it? disturbed? Ha ha). Do they all meet at the Krispy Kreme? Do they drink lite beer? Do they prefer krab? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH SPELLING THINGS RIGHT? IN MY DAY, WE SPELLED OUR ROCK BANDS RIGHT DAMMIT.

via Binky the Doormat, I learn about a new TMNT movie coming next summer. !!!!!! Donatello!!! I love you! I wish we could run off to Jamaica and have half-turtle babies together. Except, you know, you’re a teenager, and The Man would just suppress our love. I guess it doesn’t count that you’ve been a teenager for like, 15 years? Sigh.

Awesome fashion blog that I started reading somewhere: The Sartorialist. Includes the Dress Sock Theory (i.e., that the British always wear maroon dress socks, no matter what color their suit is. Heh).

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