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I actually think it’s supposed to be written “LUCE,” but I’m not sure, and I hate typing a band-name in all caps, so I’ll just fudge that part. I found Luce by reading “I Am Fuel, You Are Friends,” which any self-respecting music blogger ought to do anyway, because Heather has great taste. Luce is a slick little band fronted by Tom Luce, who lists his one influence on Myspace as “the Beatles.”

Oddly though, the band doesn’t sound like the Beatles. It does sound familiar, and I had a hard time placing it until I read that some tracks on their 2005 release “Never Ending” had Charlie Colin, from Train, as guest bassist/guitarist. So to be honest, I hate Train. The lyrics are so overwrought; whenever I hear them on the mall radio or at the grocery store, my teeth start to grind. But I can’t deny that underneath the faux-poetic drama that is a song like “Meet Virginia,” there is a really sweet, solid musical base. And Luce has that familiar musical base — without the goo smeared on top. Hurrah!

It would be just nice, well-put-together pop, but there’re also a couple more little details — the brass and beat behind “Sweetest Smile,” or the great guitar harmonics in “Interlude One” — that make the songs worth listening to. Luce’s self-released albums are available on iTunes or Emusic.

Luce (or LUCE, if you prefer): Site | Myspace

[These tracks have been removed. You can contact me if you’d like a copy.]

Luce – Interlude One

Luce – Sweetest Smile

Luce – Wanna Be