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Studio Ghibli

Some days I look up at the sky and think, “I’m living in TV.” The sky is a deep deep blue and the green palm trees stand out against it, waving their fronds gently — it’s surreal. I doubt I’ll ever get used to it. So today have some music that makes you feel as if you’re living in a fantasy; the music of Studio Ghibli.

Hayao Miyazaki’s work is so atmospheric that you just want to jump into it and live there. When I first saw “Spirited Away,” the image that stayed most with me was the one of the train, gently rolling water out of its way as it went along its submerged track. In “Castle In the Sky,” the most beautiful image is as the broken sky-city floats up out of human reach, its lone robot tending the garden that is still growing in between the stones. And in “My Neighbor Totoro,” the citybound viewer is stunned by Miyazaki’s Japanese countryside, all glittering lakes and long, wooded stretches. Miyazaki’s fantasy is completely different from Tolkein’s, but they share a love of the pastoral, and wonderful things can come out of the woods to play.

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01. “Suraggu Keikoku No Asa” (from “Laputa: the Castle In the Sky”)
02. “Tenkû No Shiro Laputa” (from “Laputa : the Castle In the Sky”)

03. “Yuugure No Kaze” (from “My Neighbor Totoro”)
04. “Tsukamori No Taiju” (from “My Neighbor Totoro”)

05. “The Sixth Station” (from “Spirited Away”)
06. “Always With Me” (from “Spirited Away”)