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You know the drill. It comes in my inbox, and sometimes I even write about it.

01. Oceansea — This Daniel Catarino guy gets around. He has two bands and Oceansea is his solo project (apparently he thinks he’s Stars, ha ha). The guitar work on “Breathing” made me happy because it put me in mind of the New Ams and my secret punk rock boyfriend (Matt Pryor) but leaving aside my peccadilloes, Catarino has a very nice voice and a pretty turn of phrase. The low-key guitar does sound a lot like the ocean on a good day, breaking and falling gently.

Catarino has made “Songs from the Bedroom Floor” available in its entirety through Creative Commons, so go to the myspace to download the whole dang thing (click on the giant adorable owl). If you listen & like it, consider donating a couple bucks (or Euros) to his three-band cause.

Oceansea — Myspace

02. Half Moon Tuesday — Two acoustic guys out of Costa Mesa — shout out to the OC from LA county :D. The songs are something I would have liked 10 years ago but it’s not complex enough for me now. They sound like they would have played at the Bronze back when I was getting my Buffy fix — I like the nice harmony in “Fade” with the guitar answering back.

Half Moon Tuesday — Myspace

03. Bambi Get Over It — Six piece band from Norwich, UK. Oddly, “Ginger” sounds like early live Rilo Kiley (and I’m not sure what it is with the British and redheads. Seriously, people). Add a little more stomp and a Detroit Cobras vibe and you get “Bad Man” and “Sounds of Her City.” I like that the songs are mandolin-heavy, I have a soft spot for the mandolin.

Bambi Get Over It — Myspace

04. Young Coyotes — Some howling going on here … this is more boy-indie than I like, with the whole shaky-voice ooh-ooh-ooh thing going on, but songs like “Momentary Drowning” does put one in mind of Bishop Allen or the Format (handclaps and all).

Young Coyotes — Myspace

Young Coyotes — Momentary Drowning

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