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Video Hookup

I am way behind on the music scene. Even more so than usual, so forgiveness please if some of these videos are way overhyped already.

01. LAist put up the trailer for “The Soloist,” Steve Lopez’s book about a street musician that he befriended a couple years ago. Lopez writes the column “Points West” for the LA Times, which I have enjoyed reading for a while now. It must be surreal for him to see Robert Downey Jr. playing him. Hee! At any rate, the beautiful cello music played in the trailer is Yo-Yo Ma’s “Suite No. 1 — Prelude” from the Cello Suites Inspired By Bach. Gorgeous, no?

02. Documentary filmmaking for freedom: Boing Boing links to a short film on the Olympics and Tibet, called “Leaving Tibet Behind.” It is riveting.

03. Sent to me through email: video for Edison Woods’s song “Last Night I Dreamt I Would Last Forever.” Edison Woods is like, the Smiths smashed up with the Real Tuesday Weld. In a word, awesome.

04. Raj from Electroqueer, he of the impeccable ear for awesome catchy pop, linked to this excessively fun little piece called “I Love the Dancefloor,” by British band Kovak. I adore all the primary colors in the video too.

05. Raj also linked to something I’m pretty sure everyone knew about but me — the new (not new) Moby song entitled “Disco Lies.” After I saw this video I must have listened to the song like, 1000000 times. And now just thinking about it makes me want to listen again. So be warned.

06. Chad at ECEU linked to a video of AC Newman and Will Sheff singing Okkervil River’s newest song, “Lost Coastlines.” I link to this not because of Okkervil River per se, but because I have a huge crush on AC Newman’s voice. I could listen to him sing, well, whatever, all day.

07. LAist put up Advanced Afrobeat for Beginners part 2. Yeah okay, so like, a month ago. I’m out of the loop, like I said.

08. MOKB linked to Empire of the Sun’s smooth new song, “Walking On A Dream.” I wouldn’t go so far as to say I’d lick toads to get it, but it is very aurally aesthetic.

09. GvsB has Lykke Li live on Conan. Man, I freaking love Youth Novels (this song is “Breaking It Up”).

10. Russell Porter at BB.tv interviews Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip.

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Where I didn’t like the album but the one song, it just wouldn’t leave my brain! (Hopefully putting up all these songs won’t max out my bandwidth. You guys wouldn’t do that to me, would ya?)

[ed note: tracks removed. contact me for a copy.]

01. The Rosebuds — Get Up, Get Out

I had this on a mixtape and my son (age 6) asked for it every single day for weeks. We neither of us have any idea what they’re saying on that song, but even now he will sing different words to that same tune (“da da, da da, da da da”). So I honor it here.

02. Okkervil River — John Allyn Smith Sails

This one’s for Chad. I know I give the River a lot of flack, but this song just proves that Will Sheff knows his poetry, and I gotta give him props for his knowledge and his ability to use it so well.

03. Travis — Selfish Jean

“The Boy With No Name” had some really great songs on it, and this is one of them. Whoever Jean is, she’s probably so vain she thinks that song is about her.

04. Luke Temple — People Do

I have to take Temple in short doses, but “People Do” is a beautiful example of folk/country, and “Snow Beast” is a good solid album (if a bit thin).

05. The Innocence Mission — Lake Shore Drive

I left “We Walked In Song” off my list, and I’m kind of sad about that. I love this song, and it’s one of many fine ones.

06. Gogol Bordello — Wonderlust King

Sometimes Gogol Bordello gets on my nerves amazingly, but this song is totally fabu. “Has he not gone beyond the hills? Has he not crossed the seven seas?”

07. DJ Rekha & Panjabi MC — Snake Charmer

Superfab Indian electronica from the album “Basement Bhangra.”

08. Aesop Rock — None Shall Pass

Yes, I had no idea what this was about. I did feel proud of myself for branching out, though, ha ha, and if you parse the lyrics you find some very interesting bits in there.

09. Wyclef Jean feat Serj Tankian & Sizzla — Riot

I could have done without the rock opera background, but I love Wyclef telling the neighbors to mind their business.

10. Brandi Carlile — Cannonball

I must have listened to this one a million times. Harmony! Sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet harmony.

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Video hookup

M. Perpetua from Fluxblog comments briefly on the hype; his point is well made, that the hype (and its bedfellow, backlash) has always existed in some form, but that in recent years its wheel has sped up, grinding everything even more exceeding fine. But interestingly enough, the article ends with a quote (and accompanying video) from Fall Out Boy. I had never heard a Fall Out Boy song before. But the video was darned amusing. Sort of like “Fight For Your Right To Party” in reverse. And thus your massive video hookup begins.

Not really video, but Culture Bully has three awesome Halloween mashup compilations going:
Son Of Monster Mashup
Mashing Pumpkins
Bride of Monster Mashup + Evil Twin of Monster Mashup

LAist has a bunch of Regina Spektor videos up in honor of her appearances in our neck of the woods this week. See you at the El Rey Wiltern if you’re going on Tuesday! Wooo!

Via Electroqueer, new video by Valeria. If you like a lot of leg, the French Revolution, and girls sneaking out with each other for smooches, this is the video for you.

Fabulist found an old video of Skip James from 1966 — Devil’s Got My Woman.

Muzzle of Bees proves that even in 2000, when Ry Ry wore very unfortunate sunglasses and looked like he was gonna fall over, he was still a musician right to his bones. MOB also has a very nice Q&A with the 1900s!

Stereogum has new video for Mary J Blige’s song “Just Fine.” Work it, girl!

Muzzle of Bees links to the Takeaway show concert of St Vincent singing “Paris Is Burning.” At the same time, GvsB links to video of Amanda Palmer covering “Marry Me.” Dude, I am so in love with Amanda Palmer’s voice. Who sings St Vincent better? I can’t decide!! So watch a video of Ms. Palmer covering “Patience,” via Muruch. And wave your lighters!

Via Fabulist, Sony paints the pyramids, sort of, in a crazy new Bravia ad.

And sweet Colin and friends put on a nice performance of “Yankee Bayonet” at ACL. Via Stereogum.

Ferraby Lionheart is growing on me, so I’m liking this video up at ECEU — “The Ballad of Gus and Sam.”

Here’s one for all you Icelandic hipsters (James, I’m looking at you) — “Rhubarbidoo,” by Múm, via Idolator. Er … not sure what’s going on … delicious rhubarb popping up all over the place! Is this a metaphor? Or is a rhubarb sometimes just a rhubarb?

Via Sixeyes, Feist plays drums for her opener, Bob Wiseman, and his song “You Don’t Love Me.”

Via ECEU, Okkervil River, “A Stone.” What really gets me about this is the complete silence of the crowd. No drunk guy screaming “I LOVE YOU WILL!” In the continuing saga of Do I Like Okkervil River, I think this song is too emo for me. But still, that silent crowd.

A ton of links from the Music Slut, a’course:

“Teardrop” (Massive Attack cover) by Jose Gonzalez. Moral of the story … er… don’t get on the wrong side of a guy with a crown?

Sea Wolf! Winter Windows! Video! Did I already link to this? Too bad! Watch it again!

Conor + M. Ward = OTP. At least on stage. No, I don’t want to hear from the Bright Eyes bandom writers. Check out Bright Eyes at the Hollywood Bowl.

And PJ Harvey on Leno — man, she makes younger folks look like mumbling amateurs. Oh, PJ, if only I could have afforded tickets to see you.

And if you got to the bottom, here’s a fun link from Freakonomics: “The Mythbusters Answer Your Questions.” What I wouldn’t give to be on an episode of Mythbusters.

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Before I start, check out Blender Mag’s list of the best music cameos on the Simpsons. Maybe you agree and maybe not — but heck, it’s a ton of awesome clips (Barry White on Whacking Day, anyone?). YouTube proves its usefulness once again.

And now! Music. I was cleaning out some of my old folders and found some good stuff. Download it all … every single one is worth at least 30 seconds of your listening time.

[ed note – tracks removed. contact me or drop a comment for a copy.]

01. Fujiya & Miyagi – Collarbone
02. Yo La Tengo – Tears Are In Your Eyes
03. Okkervil River – He Passes Number Thirty-Three
04. The Real Tuesday Weld – I Love the Rain
05. Veruca Salt – Forsythia
06. Peter and the Wolf – Silent Movies
07. Pop Levi – Dollar Bill Rock
08. The Bees (aka A Band of Bees) – Love In the Harbour
09. Cafe Tacuba – Ojalá Que Llueva Cafe (Juan Luis Guerra)
10. Gillian Welch – Elvis Presley Blues

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It’s only 9am and I’m already calling the day a wash (and as you can see, this two-line post didn’t even get done till 12:30). So here’s some random stuff.

[These tracks have been removed. You can contact me if you’d like a copy.]

1. K̩k̩l̩ РPonton La Belle
2. Okkervil River – O Dana (big star cover)
3. Ox – 1913
4. Pat Travers – Boom Boom (Out Go the Lights) live
5. Rimsky-Korsakov – Nocturne from “The Golden Cockerel” (1907)

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We now return this site to its regularly scheduled program! And boy oh boy, you leave for two weeks and a million things happen. Lance Bass is gay, people!!! (Ok, ok, that’s old news). Pam and Kid Rock got married!!! (Even white trash might hesitate to claim those people). And there was some other stuff, possibly related to the world of indie music! So here’s my catchup post, part one.


Via Best Week Ever, OK Go’s video for “Here It Goes Again,” a fabulous video for a basically forgettable song. HOWEVER! As someone who has tried to jump on a moving treadmill and almost smashed her face against the control panel, I know this treadmill-dancing stuff is not as easy as it looks. If they featured this sort of thing on “So You Think You Can Dance,” I wouldn’t barf up my guts every time my mother-in-law turned it on.

Of course I have to go on vacation right when the new Justin Timberlake video comes out for “SexyBack” (or as the video has it, “Sexy Back,” which makes more sense, but hey). Justin, looking his usual inscrutably troubled self, getting it on with a hot girl and balancing a glass of whiskey caaarrreefulllyyy on a door handle. Right on! (He could have used the trick from “Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency,” but that involved a hair across a refrigerator door, and as we can all see, he doesn’t have enough hair.) Via Stereogum.

Surfing around on Jagjaguwar records, I found a video for Okkervil River’s “For Real.” The monster crying flames is my favorite part. (Download “For Real” at Jagjaguar.)


If you like being Indier Than Thou, you’ll hit the holy grail with new band (collaboration? side project?) Swan Lake. It’s made up of Canadian sweethearts Carey Mercer (Frog Eyes), Spencer Krug (Wolf Parade, Sunset Rubdown), and Dan Bejar (Destroyer, New Pornographers). These name-droppable folks will be releasing their debut album, “Beast Moans,” on Nov. 21st. Preview with “All Fires” at Mocking Music.

New Live Flogging Molly album is out! And someday I am going to SEE them live, no matter how many drunken people bump into me and scream into my ear during the set.

Via I Am Fuel, we learn of Ryan Adams streaming a new song on his site. It’s called “France.” The new song, not his site. But I haven’t listened to it yet, because my desktop is literally full to the gills with music.

Via Mars Needs Guitars:
U2 Live in London, 1982
and U2 Live at the Ritz, March 17, 1982
Part One
Part Two


Good Hodgkins presents the Pitchfork Music Festival in a neat little package, including lovely photos of our favorite indie folks (i.e. Band of Horses, Tapes N Tapes, Mountain Goats, Destroyer, etc., etc.)

Lollapalooza photos at My Old Kentucky Blog and Muzzle of Bees


I’m surfing for a ringtone (and I can’t find one I like … where are all the Decemberists ringtones? I’d totally pay for a horrible high-octave keyboard remix of “engine driver,” man) and I’m seeing a weird trend in top-40 rock recently. Between Staind, Mudvayne, and Trapt, I’m kind of disturbed (get it? disturbed? Ha ha). Do they all meet at the Krispy Kreme? Do they drink lite beer? Do they prefer krab? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH SPELLING THINGS RIGHT? IN MY DAY, WE SPELLED OUR ROCK BANDS RIGHT DAMMIT.

via Binky the Doormat, I learn about a new TMNT movie coming next summer. !!!!!! Donatello!!! I love you! I wish we could run off to Jamaica and have half-turtle babies together. Except, you know, you’re a teenager, and The Man would just suppress our love. I guess it doesn’t count that you’ve been a teenager for like, 15 years? Sigh.

Awesome fashion blog that I started reading somewhere: The Sartorialist. Includes the Dress Sock Theory (i.e., that the British always wear maroon dress socks, no matter what color their suit is. Heh).

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