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Video Hookup

Eet has been a long time, my video hookup fraind, but now we are back togezer. (twirls moustache)

01. MOKB has a nice link to the Lykke Li video for “Tonight.” Dodge calls her a needy chick, but I don’t think the song is needy and I don’t think she looks needy. Vulnerable, maybe, or unsure, but that’s not the same thing. I also admire the way she looks right at the camera and doesn’t tart herself up so she looks like a plastic space alien.

02. Segue! Electroqueer has video for Swedish pop singer September, who looks JUST like she belongs with the Cylons in her video for “Can’t Get Over.”

03. At Speed of Dark: Oren Lavie, playwright and singer, made this cute video for a song called “Her Morning Elegance.” I like it, it’s everyday in a Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk kind of way. And the video looks very tiring, physically, all that stop motion.

04. Fabulist has video for Lisa Hannigan’s “Lille.” Oh Lisa Hannigan! You are so adorable! I love you so much! I’m so glad your album finally came to the US instead of being only sold in Ireland.

05. From BoingBoing, awesome Thai music with accompanying awesome, phonetically-enhanced, dance-filled video: “Nhoom Tum Lao Sao Tum Thai,” sung by Jonas and Kristy.

06. Gorgeous video from French artist Fursy Teyssier: Tír na nÓg. It reminds me of part of Hamlet’s soliloquy, where he calls death “the undiscovered country from whose bourn / no traveller returns.” Which is a beautiful way of looking at it.

07. Last but not least, and having nothing to do with music: Paddy Hirsch explaining quantitative easing. Because nothing makes shifty business practices sexy like a cute guy with an accent and a whiteboard.

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