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Weekly Roundup

My new year’s resolution is to care less about the Cult of Celebrity and more about people who don’t make the cover of “Entertainment Weekly” but are doing good things in the world. So I’m doing away with the celebrity quote of the week, but I’ll try to find a story about philanthropy, like this one: $9.5 million raised for the Morton Plant hospitals in Florida.

From Heart On A Stick, the Bloggregate of all 2006 year end lists. My #1 came in at Bloggregate #76 (so far; it looks like he is still entering names). My list also featured only three of the thirteen bands posited by the Catbirdseat’s cheat sheet, which definitely proves that what I’m with isn’t It, and what’s It seems weird and scary to me.

Marathonpacks’ 2006 year-end mixes, vol. 1-4. Yummeh.

From Shots Ring Out, a beautiful looking Top 50 videos of 2006.

New Year contrast podcast!

The Rich Girls Are Weeping linked to video of the Winterkids’s “Tape It.” Check out the collar on that kid. It’s the intersection of indie rock and the British army circa 1885! And the music isn’t terrible either.

Team9, mashup artists extraordinaire, have made Mysplice 06, which mashes up all of Stereogum’s favorite artists. Check out “Young Cats”: Peter, Bjorn, and John vs. the Cure.

YANP notes that Page France has a new EP.

Stererogum has a theme. If I had a theme, I too would rule the world. With evil robots.

So nice to see that C&T is back.

Uh … I’m recommending something at AOL … I believe hell has truly frozen over. Reader J.M. sent me a link to the Interface, which has lots of podcasts by indie folks. Cat Power, TVOTR, M Ward, Silversun Pickups, etc., etc. And the podcast has an mp3 version you can download. I’m all a-sea here.

Dec. 27th Yank Sizzler.

Lovely post from Matt at Earfarm, talking about how he acquired an import CD single of “Never Let Me Down Again.”

And last but certainly not least: Marvel video trailer for the NEW GUNSLINGER COMIC (I’m hyperventilating as I type this). NEW – GUNSLINGER – COMIC – !!!!!!!!

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Page France

Listening to Page France reminded me of something I could not put my finger on for a whole day. When it came to me, I was delighted — Michael Nau sounds like Donovan. That’s right, I said Donovan (I know my sister will at least get that reference). I’m talking about the Donovan of “Catch the Wind” and “Mellow Yellow,” for the rest of you. I used to groove to “Mellow Yellow” down in my parents’ basement, lo these many years ago.

That isn’t to say that Page France is particularly derivative — there’s just something about the repetetive upbeat choruses that strikes me. I’d give a lot of money (ok, maybe about $10) to hear Mr. Nau do a rendition of “To Sing For You.” But back to topic! Page France did a set for the Daytrotter Sessions on Oct. 1st. Usually I download the Daytrotter songs, go, “eh,” and delete them, but I found myself forgoing the “eh” this time.

I will also forgo the Christian-slant interpretation of Nau’s lyrics, because he seems to want people to so much. Methinks he doth protest too much; he spends a lot of time talking about devils and haloes and trumpets and gates and Christ and blood and whatnot. However! I’ll resist the impulse and just skip lyrical interpretation entirely (I know! What is this world coming to?). The music is chipper and engaging, and the songs, though sort of mysterious, recall the psychadelic imagery of 60s music (Nau wants to be compared to Dylan; sorry dude, but Donovan is pretty cool).

I’m making like Everybody Cares today and only pointing you toward legal music; I feel so virtuous. You can download “The Ruby Ring Man,” “Chariot,” “Dogs,” and “Antarctica” at the Daytrotter sessions and “Junkyard” and “Bush” at the Suicide Squeeze page.

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