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Science For Girls (again)

Mr. Solomon sent me a new track to post for you guys, but I gotta ask: did you not heed me last time and get yourself some Science For Girls already? Do not pass go! Do not collect $200! Do not brave my wrath any longer!

I guess there are some folks out there who don’t like trip-hop or electronica, and to them, I say, you must be the ones at the concerts who stand stock still and never move no matter how affecting the song is. You just stare straight ahead, right? Digified and stoic, that’s you. But behind you, there’s some girl who can’t move real well, because she’s hemmed in, but she’s dancing by inches. That’s me, and I’m trying real hard not to smack you in the back, but could you just move up a couple inches, cause you’re spoiling my fun.

Because SFG jumps around between a lot of different sounds, you can first check them out on their myspace or their site, and then head over to Amazon to pick the kind you like. Perhaps “Australia,” which could pass for indie with its sly humor and melancholy sound? Or the wibbly wobbly “You’ll Never Know,” a candidate for Audio Surf if I’ve ever heard one? Or “14 Days,” which might even be a lost Postmarks track? “Peace Heart” has a bomp-ba-bomp beat and “Violets” is just plain gorgeous. Come on, there’s something for everyone here, even you, indie kid whose feet are glued to the floor. Pick ’em up just an inch, put ’em down again. Your knees won’t break.

Science For Girls — Site | Myspace

[ed note — track removed. contact me for a copy.]

Science For Girls — Northern Lights


Excellent stuff

My kid and I have a cold; you know one of those where you feel like you got hit by a truck? Yeah, that’s me, dragging around the house with a box of Kleenex. Here are some things that cheer me up as much as I can be chee — hee — ha CHOO. Yeah, just stay back about ten feet.

01. Culture Bully has a really really excellent post about the best mashups of 2007. I am a huge fan of mashups, and Chris D. shows you where to get some great ones.

02. Dengue Fever! Has a new album! And it’s called “Venus On Earth”! People, without using more exclamation points I cannot stress enough how cool a Cambodian electronica pop dance band is (at least, this one. Not too many out there for comparison). Have a listen to the new single, “Sober Driver.” Top ten material!

Dengue Fever — Myspace

03. I didn’t write too much over the holidays, but I liked the following music:

A) Skittish — I had a fun time listening to these folky, spare tunes from Minneapolis. This guy can seriously fit a scutload of words into one little line (so it’s not for everyone, I think). Reminds me of Bright Eyes in a way, but not employing Oberst’s more annoying characteristics. I’m very fond of “Pass the Punch,” with its whanging noises and Thick-As-A-Brick-ian call to arms: my cutters, my burners, my lovers, my sinners, my strays; let’s march on the gates and set fire to these edict estates. ’cause we are stronger in numbers, no longer ashamed — not quiet, not going away.

Skittish — Myspace | Site

B) Science For Girls — Mmmmm…sweet sweet electronic goodness (which is the best I can come up with today). It’s a debut album, but it slips down smooth as swallowed silk; check out “Fourteen Days,” featuring Bronwyn Exeter, with its jazzy bridge and clear as a bell vocals. Or if you like your distortions a la Cher, you can check out the excellently rhythmic “You’ll Never Know.”

Science For Girls — Myspace | Site

Science For Girls — You’ll Never Know (at the Music Slut, since my FTP client is being bastardous at the moment)

C) Mountain Goats … newwww album sooooon, precious … I will wait and buy it all legal-like because I want John Darnielle to stay locked in my closet and write songs forever live happily ever after and write many more albums. You may enjoy a free track, “Sax Rohmer #1,” at Chromewaves.

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