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The 1900s

Dear major record companies:

I know that sucking ridiculous amounts of money from poor people is where you get your jollies, but take a second out from your busy litigation schedule and listen up. This is how it goes: I’m hanging around on Brooklyn Vegan. I see a post called “the 1900s versus the 1990s.” On a whim, I click on it. On a whim, I decide to download the 1900s mp3 that BV made available*.

I listen to the mp3. It’s called “Bring the Good Boys Home.” I am immediately interested, because of the excellent instrumentals, but even more so because of the lead singer, who has a beautiful voice. The music is fun and poptastic and definitely has a 70s throwback vibe (the myspace calls it “psychadelic.” Groovy!). I decide to head to their site to check it out. And oh look, new album came out on Oct. 2nd — it’s called “Cold & Kind.” So I do the media check:

1) Streaming the album — yes, you can stream the entire thing at Parasol or the 1900s site. Woot!
2) Snocap — nope.
3) Amazon — nope
4) iTunes — has the older EP
5) Emusic — yep! (Alas for my lapsed subscription.)
6) Physical CD from the site — yep!
7) CD on sale at the record label — why, yes.

You see how it works? These days, we pull music down from the sky. If it weren’t for that whim and that mp3 from Brooklyn Vegan, Parasol Records wouldn’t be getting my $9. It ain’t rocket science. So quit spending your dwindling income on suing people and buy a clue instead**. Sincerely, Zara.

The 1900s – Site | Myspace | Label (Parasol)

[ed. note — tracks removed. pls contact me for a copy.]

The 1900s — Bring The Good Boys Home

The 1900s — When I Say Go

*I also downloaded the 1990s song, but it suffered in comparison.
** I’m not pretending I’m doing a public service, exactly, but let’s be reasonable, word of mouth works … MTV is dead and so is the radio, where are people supposed to get their information these days?