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Slump city

This time of year, I’m not really into Ye New Music. I’m gearing up for “Heretic Pride,” but mostly I’m just noodling around the internets finding fun stuff to listen to. Daddy Yankee … the Ronettes … crazy mashups from A+D … Sinead O’Connor … I’ll take it all.

01. Can You See the Sunset …, in between ministering to his poor sick daughter, has posted a bunch of 90s flashbacks, the latest including Salt N Pepa’s “Whatta Man,” which I used to listen to a lot in high school. Lately I’ve been realizing that high school was kind of a long time ago. :P Now I sit around ministering to my own sick kids.

02. The fabulous Alison Goldfrapp is putting out “Seventh Tree” at the end of Feb. I’m sure it will be as interesting and layered as all her music is. Offhand I did not hear any standouts like “Ooh La La” or “Strict Machine,” but I’m sure the clubs will live without her and we can all enjoy it anyway.

Goldfrapp — Site | Myspace |

03. Although I’m not the biggest fan of Scandinavian music, I’m liking the Interpol-esque sounds of The Bell. These Swedish guys have a bangin’ sound and really great videos (they put me in mind of a lot of time spent in front of MTV watching Peter Gabriel. I wanna be! Your sledgehamma!). Anyway, look them up — their album is called “Make Some Quiet.”

The Bell — Site | Myspace | the Sledgehammer video. You’re thinking of that dancing turkey anyway. (And Digging In the Dirt, which I must have watched a thousand times. Don’t talk back! Just drive the car!)

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