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As you notice, posting has shrunk quite a bit. I have lost most of the time I had to search through my huge rss list and try songs out; so I haven’t had much to write about lately. Plus it seems like everything I hear is kind of meh these days. And I haven’t listened to ‘Neon Bible’ because I’m afraid of it. The hype is so big and the expectations so high — call it the anxiety of confluence (that’s a lit theory joke, ba dum ching), but I just can’t bring myself to see if it’s as good as it’s supposed to be.

Here are some musics that I found to be quite good:

01. Au Revoir Simone — fun, catchy, and interesting. Whoever you were, Simone, thanks for leaving. New album forthcoming in May — look for it. You can download their song “Through the Backyards” at their site.

02. LA locals The Broken West were getting a lot of buzz just before I lost all my reading time — their album “I Can’t Go On I’ll Go On” starts out pretty average but when it reaches “Down In the Valley,” it becomes very fun in a way that reminds me of The Format. And I’d rather my bands were fun like The Format than serious and white-rock like, oh, Nickelback or something. *shudder* You can hear “Down In the Valley” at their Myspace.

03. Eric James & the New Century — Do I just like Eric James because he’s cute? Mayyyyybe. It surely doesn’t hurt. The band’s kind of like the Killers, you know, if they were good, and really wrote songs like Springsteen. And played the piano all pretty-like, and now that I think about it, it’s not really like the Killers. It’s much much better. Plus the drummer is from Cake. Check out the song “Daylight” at his site, along with a ton of other songs.

If you asked for a song in comments, please check your email (and your junk mail box :D) — I sent out some songs today.

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