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Video Hookup

Reader suggestions to add to my last post:

“1980” by Estelle, suggested by Jeff — my favorite part was where she talked about the cat eating the dead neighbor downstairs. Very Gerald’s Game.

The Who, “1921,” suggested by my brother-in-law. Rock opera is NOT my thing, but I can’t tear my gaze away from his leather pants.

Sisters of Mercy, “1959,” suggested by Juliette — totally classic, I’m sorry, but that guy looks like he just came back from snorting a line off the stomach of one of Robert Palmer’s backup singers.

AAAAHHH NEW PORTISHEAD — people, I am really jazzed for the new album. Seriously, Ladytron and Portishead both putting albums out this year? Could life get any better?

Yes. Yes it could. Two years after Barney Stinson made paintball cool again, we have video for the Black Keys’ new song “Strange Times.”

LAist interviewed two local primo bloggers — what’s his name from Aquarium Drunkard and the ever adorable Jax from Rock Insider. They both talked very coolly and intelligently about their blogging and music in general. As ambassadors to blogdom, they did a great job showing everyone that bloggers aren’t just idiots who happen to be able to type. Hurrah!

Electroqueer has video for Darin’s song “Insanity” — Darin is kind of like a Europeanized Justin Timberlake, but even more dramatic (don’t you love his suit?). Where JT’s appeal is in his sexy-boy-next-door-who-happens-to-be-famous ambience, Darin throws it in your face in a Chuck (from Gossip Girl) kind of way, rocking the glowsticks and those ironic lyrics your girl was coming on to me / she eats your heart out, can’t you see — and that was a little too much analysis for what is basically JT-lite (with fireworks).

And Fabulist highlights two nifty videos — Miracle Fortress’s “Have You Seen In Your Dreams,” where someone is very very patient with four magnadoodles, and the clever and absolutely adorable “Butterfingers” by Bomb the Bass. I love those cutey-cute little singing piano keys.

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Video hookup

1. The Music Slut leads the pack, of course, with:

A) New Ry Ry video, entitled “Follow the Lights.” Ain’t half bad either. It really sounds like Ry is getting his groove back on. “There was never anywhere to go / but home.” (Home is apparently where Donna lives.)

B) The Who on Jools Holland. Completely unironically singing “hope I die / before I get old.” Psh, I knew they were lyin’. Generation X salutes you, baby boomers! Sic transit gloria mundi, except when you can capitalize on your nostalgia. Oh well, the music is still hawt.

C) Cold War Kids in the Black Cab. I can never decide if I’m totally in love with CWK, or whether they’re just totally pretentious. I call this the Decemberists Dilemma. Haha. The violin on this song is just stunning.

D) PJ Harvey on Leno, circa 93. This is the PJ I was talking about a couple days ago. That quick slip between begging her lover not to leave, to talking about tying him up till he wishes he’d never heard of her.

E) Bjork Unplugged, 1993, “One Day” acoustic. TOTALLY AWESOME.

F) The Cure in Amsterdam, “the Forest,” 1980. Robert Smith, pre-persona. Twelve years later, this song rocked my world, I’m not even kidding. Oh Robert, I miss the days when you weren’t a caricature of yourself.

G) Tori on The Current, doing Leather. Oh Tori, I miss the days … well, whatever.

2) Via LAist, an amusing misheard lyrics video, featuring one of my favorite workout songs: Sean Paul’s “Temperature.”

3) Via Stereogum, a fun video for Bishop Allen’s “Click Click Click Click.”

4) At Fabulist, Olga takes us back to the early days of Rilo Kiley with “The Frug.”

5) Via Skatterbrain, some good old fashioned pop from Lykke Li: “Little Bit.” Feel free to chair dance.

6) Muzzle of Bees revisits last years’s #3 awesome album. “So how do you feel about being dead?” “I don’t know … my neck hurts.” I LOVE YOU BLACK KEYS.

7) Since Bodies of Water and Stereogum are BFFS, you can see clips there from BoW’s “Takeaway Shows.”

8) Awesome vid from *my* new BFF, LoveLikeFire: “I
(via Rock Insider).

9) ECEU finds one of my fave James Taylor songs, You Can Close Your Eyes, It’s Alright.

10) LAist notes that KT Tunstall turned up to support the WGA a couple weeks ago and someone took a video of her doing “I Want You Back”.

11) Idolator puts the spotlight on Melissa Auf der Maur’s “Followed the Wave.” *sigh* She’s so beautiful. If Foo Fighters had a girl twin, Auf der Maur would be it.

12) Via Electroqueer, Roisin Murphy at the Swarovski fashion awards doing “Overpowered.” I love that hair!

13) IGIF brings us back to the 10 year old video for UNKLE & Thom Yorke’s “Rabbit In Your Headlights,” which I had never seen, though I love the song. What a creepy video, but perfect for the song.

14) And last but not least, new Postmarks video via Stereogum. “Let Go,” all hazy and sunny and green, showcasing one of the best songs on a great album.

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