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Uh Huh Her

You know a band’s from LA when the first thing the press kit mentions is how many reality shows that the two members of Uh Huh Her have starred in. Like somehow that has value. And by the way, press kit writers, name-dropping Katy Perry is also valueless (that awful song is to music what “Twilight” is to literature). How about talking about the band name instead? PJ Harvey? Album released in ’04? Ring any bells?

And now having gotten that off my chest, these two make pretty good listening. I say this without knowing what kind of televised hijinx they have embarked on — I am one of probably three people living in LA who finds reality TV exquisitely distasteful. So whether they are just eye candy or, like, have real personalities and stuff, Grey and Hailey have lovely voices and manage to carry the music without sounding mopey or plaintive. “Not A Love Song” has punk sensibility and a sweet bassline — Auf der Maur lite. “Explode” tones it down a bit and adds some of the Sexy and the Glam, doing it up Hollywood style.

Their 2008 release, entitled “Common Reaction,” is set to come out next month. I was not able to get ahold of the entire album, but two songs are a fair indicator of quality (even if one is recycled from an earlier EP). And now you, devoted reader, go make up your own mind. “Explode” is available for download below, but I was much more into “Not A Love Song,” which you can stream at the myspace.

Uh Huh Her — Site | Myspace | Label (Nettwerk)

Uh Huh Her — Explode