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Music by email

Ye olde oddes & endes.

01. Eleni Mandell — I liked everything I heard from Mandell. “Artificial Fire” (the song) has this gorgeous guitar work on it, and though I’m not sure what she means by artificial fire, it’s no weirder than pretty much every New Pornographers song ever. There’s a strong jazz influence on the music, with extra brass, which is awesome. Mandell is apparently a Silver Lake fixture if you know that scene, so hop over to her site and preview some tracks. You can pick up “Artificial Fire” (the album) on Feb. 17.

Eleni Mandell — Artificial Fire

Eleni Mandell — Site | Label (Zedtone)

02. The Online Romance — They sent me a very cute song called “Ladybug, Don’t Smile.” Love the lyrics: “Your spotty bright umbrella covers your back / and it seems as though you never heard that luck goes badly.”

They seem to be writing some songs for an upcoming album. Perhaps we will hear more later? This song seems very apropos for a summer mix. *files it away for ladybug season*

The Online Romance — Ladybug, Don’t Smile

The Online Romance — Site | Myspace

03. Jenn Grant — Six-Shooter Records strikes again. I love Jenn Grant, I may have mentioned this before. Yeah. Gorgeous redhead delivers laid-back, harmonious, beautiful tunes, never the same twice. My favorite so far is “(I’ve Got) the Two Of You,” which sounds like the Andrews Sisters. Album entitled “Echoes” came out Feb. 3rd.

Jenn Grant — (I’ve Got) the Two Of You
Jenn Grant — Fireflies

Jenn Grant — Site | Myspace | Label (Six Shooter)

04. Turbowölf — Guys, they have an umlaut in their name. The music is as thick as peanut butter and “Ghost Hunt” has a fantastic moshable beat. It is not my usual cup of tea, dur, but it does take me back to high school (in a good way). I don’t think there’s any kind of new album or anything, just some random promotion and talk of SXSW and whatnot. Haha, I pet them on their Turbo furry heads.

Turbowölf — Ghost Hunt

Turbowölf — Myspace

05. Weinland — They didn’t send me much info so I have no review. However, you too can stream a good new Weinland song at the Portland Mercury site.

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Video Hookup

Time to clean out the ol’ starred items list.

01. Via BoingBoing, someone laid down “Smooth Criminal” over Fred Astaire dancing. The result goes to prove what we already knew — that Astaire really was as smooth as a waxed glass floor.

02. At MoB, some video of Weinland doing “Curse of the Sea.” I’m rather fond of Weinland and their super laid back music.

03. Via Fabulist!, Florence and the Machine’s video for “Kiss With A Fist.” It reminded me of how my husband always says a woman can hit a man without there being much of an outcry.

04. At Fuel, Captain Sexyhair shakes his groove thing in Denver (live video for “Barrier Reef”). Nothing much to say about that because I’m too busy writing his name in my Trapper Keeper.

05. And speaking of Cpt. Sexyhair, the Music Slut notes that you can catch a nice performance on the Spinner. Just fancy me, telling you to visit AOL.

06. Culture Bully points us to the video for Goldfrapp’s new song “Caravan Girl.” Not much happens in said video but somehow I’m okay with that.

07. Brooklynvegan has video of Emmylou Harris on Letterman. I love & worship Ms. Harris but the fact that she looks shiny & plastic is very sad to me. *sigh* Grace is dead, long live botox.

08. Cute Overload has a very, um, cute video titled “An Eye for Annai.” A one-eyed creature goes out looking for his extra eye. This has nothing to do with anything but I liked it.

09. Fabulist! also had video for a Belgian band called Fixkes and this adorable video entitled “Lievelingsdier.” I have no idea what it’s about, obviously, but honestly, I do not care, I could watch it all day. [ed note: a nice reader named Ward explains what the song’s about in his comment.]

10. And La Onda Tropical has video from Colombian band Choc Quib Town — I like that the music is political and promotes solidarity but is also awesome. American bands, please take note.

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Random bits of music I have picked up lately:

[ed note — tracks removed. plz contact me for a copy.]

01. Bruce Springsteen — O Mary, Don’t You Weep [the Pete Seeger Sessions]
02. Weinland — Sick As A Gun [La Lamentor]
03. The Breeders — We’re Gonna Rise [Mountain Battles]
04. Vanessa Paradis — L’incendie [Divinidylle]
05. Fischerspooner — Danse En France (DIM remix) [Danse En France EP @ iTunes]

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