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Video hookup

Before I start, the little elves at the Hype Machine have been working extra hard for their Jolly Ranchers, and they’ve compiled a long list of bloggers’ favorite albums of 2007. No surprise there; in fact Dave at the Rawkblog points out that Idolator’s poll, the Pazz & Jop poll, and the hype machine’s list all are about the same (via Heart On A Stick).

Sadly, my number one did not follow the crowd, and Josh was relegated to #40. I still love ya, Josh!

And now, more proof that music videos aren’t dead. They’re just back to being lo-fi.

0.5 Muzzle of Bees just posted a new video from What Made Milwaukee Famous — it’s got fencing! And math! And Lance Armstrong! And it’s awesome. Go check out “Sultan.”

01. At Stereogum, you can see Willie Nelson being adorable in “You Don’t Think I’m Funny Anymore.” No no, I never did think he was funny. But he does get cuter as he ages (why is that?).

02. At Fabulist!, Olga digs up the video for PJ & Nick’s song “Henry Lee.” I was a big fan of “Murder Ballads,” but for some reason I never saw this video. And it fairly sizzles (though luckily for the 90s-greasy-haired protagonists, it never does catch fire).

03. Also at Fabulist!, an animated guy with no arms sings a sad, sweet indie song. The video is Levi Weaver’s “You Are Home.”

04. Did you think Ed Vedder couldn’t get any cuter? Well, when he sings 50s classics with a girl from Sleater-Kinney, he’s like an adorable, bearded, unintelligible puppy. (singing starts around 2 minutes in). [via YANP]

05. Take Away Shows profiles Sidi Toure in his hometown of Bamako. [via Gvs.B].

06. At Electroqueer, a thumping Taio Cruz video: “Come On Girl.”

07. I have been trying to like the Raveonettes for awhile and the only thing I have liked so far is this video at Idolator: “Candy.”

08. Jax profiles the very interesting Montreal singer Julie Doiron and features her video “No More.” Another song I want to like but haven’t quite managed yet.

09. I really love Lisa Hannigan, what little I’ve heard, and so I was excited to see a new video of hers on Stereogum — “My Pirate Disco (demo).” Hey, I’d go to a pirate disco.

10. I’ve never been as close to liking Magnetic Fields as when I saw this cute video of St Vincent & J. Vanderslice doing “Yeah! Oh, yeah!”. That song has awesome punctuation, I will say that.

11. Via the Music Slut, Travis has a new video for “New Amsterdam.” Great song.

12. Jax also links to video of Eli from Monolators and the Henry Clay People doing a fun cover of “Psycho Killer.” With the white pants and all, it’s very 80s.

13. And last but not least, spooky #13 is Miho Hatori (of Cibo Matto fame)’s video for the song “Barracuda,” from her solo album “Ecdysis.” (Aaaand wikipedia says that ecdysis is “the molting of the cuticula in arthropods and related groups.” Righteous.) [via Fabulist!]

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Weekly Roundup

Slow week this week. Ah well!

Celebrity related quote of the week: “‘The United States first destroyed our great country, the Soviet Union, then they destroyed our economy and now they are sending this horrible young woman to destroy our souls,’ said Myasoyedova, interviewed during a recent rally of about 100 demonstrators organized by the Orthodox Standard Bearers Union, a group combining religion and nationalism.” –David Holley, LA Times

What young woman is this candid Russian speaking of? Why, Madonna, of course. Even though Madonna hasn’t seen “young” since the other side of the 90s. Mr. Myasoyedova, it could be worse than Madonna. I promise. For instance, they could be sending Clay Aiken. At least Madonna does her own songs.

The Catbirdseat’s cheat sheet for the best new albums of 2006. Indie darlings all round! Looky there at Swan Lake, riding the wave of its hype like a demented surfer, probably one that’s wearing a polo shirt and pegged jeans and a fleece wristband.

Flagpole reviews the new REM retrospective disc/dvd. So what’re your favorite REM albums? My top five are 1) Document; 2) Automatic For the People; 3) Green; 4) Out of Time; and 5) Monster.

EW profiles their 50 best high school movies, but they totally left off my top two. My top five would have gone, 1) Better Off Dead; 2) Pump Up the Volume; 3) Heathers; 4) Sixteen Candles; and 5) 10 Things I Hate About You or Clueless. Why yes, I’m just a big old cynical softie, why do you ask?

Via BrianPalmer, How to make a Zach Braff movie in 10 steps. Ahaha. Poor Zach Braff. Make one indie-lovers movie and you’re worshipped, but make two, and you’re pilloried. Welcome to the fickle world of indiedom.

At I Am Fuel, some old, lost Bob Dylan recordings. I don’t know where Heather gets this stuff, but she just out-awesomes herself every week.

At Rewriteable Content, a back to school love song mix. Ew, school.

The Rawking Refuses To Stop! talks about the Ryan Adams / Neko Case / Willie Nelson show at the Hollywood Bowl. I sure would have loved to see Ryan & Neko, if the venue were smaller and I had the energy to fight traffic out to the Bowl.

Useful Thing of the Year: the HYMN project introduces MyFairTunes 6, which will unencode your iTunes-purchased music so that it can be converted to mp3. I can’t vouch for it completely, because when I gave it a try it worked for “Jaan Pehechaan Ho” but not for “Burn.” *shrug* Who knows.

Via Neil Gaiman and Billboard, I learn of a 43-song CD of sea chanties sung by contemporary artists. Yay! I love sea chanties, even though I can’t even go out in a boat without barfing over the side. Heh.

And last but not least, New Contrast Podcast – entrance music for a film.

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