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My sister completed a triathlon last week — maybe I have running on the brain. I just found this amusing while doing some downloading from Daytrotter — people. Seriously.


The world will never know. But back to my own amusement. [These files have been removed. Contact me for a copy.]

Sea Wolf – Middle Distance Runner(from Daytrotter)


September 67 – Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner

with crazy coincidental-band/song-title bonus:

Wolf Parade – You Are A Runner & I Am My Father’s Son

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Weekly Roundup


Semi-Celebrity quote of the week: “[John Mayer & Jessica Simpson’s] relationship, while bona fide, was hardly one for the ages. It is, a Mayer pal tells Us Weekly, ‘a “2” her camp spun into an “11.”‘ In fact, a Mayer friend tells Us, the musician has lost a lot of respect for his brief fling and ‘now he will stay away from her. He thinks it’s desperate. An attempt for her to stay in the spotlight.'” (perezhilton.com)

Aw, darn! I saw that Mayer was dating Simpson, and I thought it was a big score for all the folk-singing losers in the world. If John Mayer can score Jessica Simpson, I thought, there’s hope for the rest of you lamesauce, guitar-strumming, your-body-is-a-wonderland-wailing, pathetic dorkwads. But alas … there is no hope. Sorry.

For all my Utah based readers, a lovely piece from the Utah Amicus, wherein Senator Bob Bennett accuses Democrats of being “anti-Mormon.” Dude, you aren’t seriously tossing that old chestnut around, are you? My favorite part is where he talks about how Mitt Romney is totally going to be President someday. I think he’s hoping to get an appointment as Romney’s personal Toadying Sycophant.


Video for Wolf Parade’s “I’ll Believe In Anything.” Because dueling with cannons never goes out of style.

Video for Bob Dylan’s “When the Deal Goes Down.” I still say the new Bob Dylan sounds like they killed Bob Dylan, resurrected his zombie, and made him sing — but Scarlett Johanssen in this video is the most beautiful nostalgic embodiment of summer womanhood. Or something.

Video for Thom Yorke’s “Harrowdown Hill”. Because Thom Yorke never goes out of style.

And … video for Tapes N Tapes’s “Cowbell”. I can’t decide whether I like it, but it certainly isn’t terrible.


Via Rewriteable Content, a list of free shows going on this month in LA. It’s free!!!

Via Status Ain’t Hood, the first nice things I’ve seen written about Justin Timberlake’s new album.

Via YANP, it seems Sufjan Stevens is obsessed with Christmas. You know, I still haven’t found a song written by him that I’ve liked, and if you add in my virtual hatred of Christmas music, it just ain’t boding well for Mr. Stevens and I to strike up a relationship. Oh well.

Via the Guardian, the Mercury award for Britain’s most creative band goes to the Arctic Monkeys. So … whatever people say about them, that’s what they’re not? Well, guys, I think you’re spectacular.


Most people will have seen this already, but others will want to check out the Beachles — a track-for-track mashup of Pet Sounds and Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Aw, come on, someone was bound to do it eventually.

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Throwaway Saturday, as I have a million errands to run.

[These tracks have been removed. You can contact me if you’d like a copy.]
1. Bjork – Human Behavior (Underworld Mix)
2. Little Shop of Horrors (soundtrack) – Somewhere That’s Green
3. Mountain Goats – Anti Music Song
4. West End Girls – West End Girls (Pet Shop Boys)
5. Wolf Parade – You Are A Runner and I Am My Father’s Son

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